Food Waste Friday: No Waste

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I am very happy that I don’t have any food waste this week. I have a few things that are getting close so I hope to use those or freeze them this weekend. They include kale, cilantro, and jalapeno (again). This time I bought a big bag of clearance jalapenos and only used a few.

Jalapenos freeze really well. I usually just slice them and throw them in a freezer bag. Now I also have to remove the seeds since my husband can’t eat seeds. Since this requires a tiny extra step I am usually too lazy to do it when I have the chance. When I have the chance is code for when my kids are both asleep or out of the house with my husband. Slicing and removing seeds from hot peppers is best done without two little monkeys trying to sabotage my every move.  

Yesterday while one little monkey was sleeping I was able to make Banana Bread. I added chocolate chips to half of it. 

I haven’t tasted this yet but it looks and smells AMAZING! The 3 year old monkey is sick so we will be home a lot this weekend, there will be plenty of opportunity to gobble this yumminess up!

I may also make some design changes to this blog over the weekend, if you see an unfamiliar sight fear not I may just be making a few changes. You can always week up to date on what I’m doing by following My Plant-Based Family on Facebook.

Do you pay attention to your food waste? It’s easy to just disregard it, but what about all of the money you are throwing away? Join me in my attempt to decrease my food waste, save money, and maybe even the planet. ;)

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  1. I sometimes put chocolate chips in my banana bread and we all love it.

  2. I love chocolate in banana bread. And congrats on no food waste, I’m still hoping to get there as this week was pretty terrible for me.

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