Split Pea Soup

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Before last week I had never eaten Split Pea Soup. The only pea’s I had prepared had come from a can. I’m sure I ate some pea’s from my great-grand mother’s garden but I can’t really remember. My awesome friend Amanda make’s Split Pea Soup regularly so I thought I’d give it a try.

I actually followed someone else’s recipe, which is rare for me. Check out Susan’s recipe from  FatFreeVegan  here. I am a big fan of her site and blog. I’ve made a lot of recipes and they turn our great. 

I do not have a pressure cooker so I used the regular cooking method. I also did not have basil or thyme so I omitted those. There was definitely something missing so it may have been one of those. This isn’t my favorite soup by I did inhale it very fast. Susan was right about it being better the next day. I made it on a Friday and tried it again on Monday and it was really good. I ended up finishing it for breakfast on Tuesday. Since I had never had Split Pea Soup I have nothing to compare it to. Next time I make it I’ll use veggie broth instead of water but that is probably the only change I’ll make.

Do you have a favorite Split Pea Soup recipe? Share it in the comments and maybe I’ll make your recipe next time. Happy Eating!

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