Food Waste Friday: A lot A lot

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I took this picture on Monday, boy was I off to a bad start. That is 6 hamburger buns, 2 hot dog buns and 1 avocado (pictured, there was more waste). These hamburger buns have been in my pantry for months, yes months. They still looked good, smelled good, and were nice and soft but I seriously have a problem with eating something that isn’t showing the least signs of again after months. The hot dog buns are a few weeks old. Neither are regular purchases and since we don’t regularly eat meat these just sat. 

The avocado sat too long as well. Such a shame. 

On Monday I also bit into a rotten apple that go tossed and spat out. Then I decided to eat leftover hummus and it to had gone bad. I was getting a little concerned after such a bad start to the week but thankfully the streak ended there. 

I made “break the bank” Costco and grocery store runs on Tuesday and Wednesday so we are full up with fresh food. In fact I had to talk nice to my fridge just to get it all to fit. 😉

How did you do with food waste this week? I figure I threw away about $5 in food. Don’t you just hate to waste?

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  1. Too bad about the avocado. Hate when those go bad because they are so delicious! We had a pretty expensive grocery shopping week here too, but I think it’s going to last a while.

  2. I had an okay food waste week. I really hate to waste produce too. It happens though. I bet you will have a better week next week.

  3. I wouldn’t fret too much about the hamburger buns. I have used those before and was disappointed. Despite the positive labeling, they tend to mush up in your mouth like the softest white bread. I know some people prefer that texture, but not me.

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