Tossing the Junk

New to a plant-base diet? You really need to get rid of the junk food that will keep you from fully committing.

A few months ago my husband and I went to eat at a restaurant where all of the seating is really close together. There were six people sitting next to us. At elbows length from me was a lady with the largest breast I have ever seen, additionally they were on display for all to see.

My husband and I wouldn’t look over there but could not keep from hearing their conversation. Right across from the lady was a man and next to him another woman. In a jovial manner the woman said, “I’m sorry but I cannot stop looking at your chest, it’s like they are talking to me!” Everyone at both of our tables laughed like crazy. The rest of their dinner the conversation was on the boobs.

I tell that story to say that some things are impossible to resist, just like staring at that lady’s chest. If your kitchen is full of your favorite junk food it will be near impossible to not eat it. I know from experience. If there are others in your house eating the junk don’t get yourself in trouble by throwing it away. I think it is important to get “buy-in” from  your spouse or room mate. When we had big kids in the house I gave them a corner of the pantry where they could keep their snacks. If there was a bag of Chips Ahoy in my pantry right now I would probably only last a few hours before digging in.

I want to add that the same principle goes for trolling cookbooks or the internet for unhealthy foods!

So what food am I labeling as junk?

Anything that you should not be eating as part of a whole food, plant-based diet I consider junk. I think there is room for some transition (splurge) foods like Earth Balance, faux cheese, non-dairy ice cream. These foods should only be used to help you wean off of the real stuff or for an occasional treat, NOT EVERY DAY!.

The first clue that your food is junk is the packaging. Typically the fancy the package the junkier it is. Second, look at the ingredients list; is it a mile long or does is contain ingredients you can’t pronounce, if so it is probably junk. If you see the words MSG, Monosodium glutamate, Anything “hydrolyzed”, aspartame, high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, more than three kinds of sugar, etc. then it is junk. This is my list, it is not all inclusive just random things I try to not buy. This list wasn’t endorsed by anyone just me. Third, is it food or a food-like product. Does it resemble food that was being eaten even 100 years ago?


I would much rather make healthier treats like muffins, cookies, and banana bread than get the store bought counterpart that is full of mystery ingredients. Baking healthier (than store bought) treats helped me transition. Check out my recipe section for some suggestions.

I fully realize that I am not the healthiest eater. That ate item in my pantry that other would not allow in theirs. I am on this journey too. (As I sit here sipping my coffee sweetened with agave, a no no to some, and a touch of soy creamer). I am not to hard on myself and you should be either.

Do the best you can, forgive your mistakes, and move on!

I think this is good advice in any situation!

What junk do you have a hard time letting go of? I know still have a little meat in my freezer but I have friends who gave away $100s worth of meat when they went plant-based. So what about you, is there a secret stash of Oreo’s in your house?

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  1. Nope…we have no secret stash. We have dessert once a week…Friday evening (our formal dress up meal). Usually it is fairly simple like a 1/2 cup of coconut “ice cream,” or chocolate squares and wine. I think it makes it easier for us having that set time, knowing we are going to get sweets instead of leaving it up to chance.

    The only time I feel like a craving lunatic is during “that time of the month.”

  2. If I have non-dairy ice cream in my freezer it is VERY hard for me to resist, so we try to just buy it from time to time. When we buy some, I try to only buy a quart and the family will share it…that way is is gone in one sitting and there is nothing left over to go into the freezer and taunt me.

    • I’ve never been a big ice cream eater and we have some non-dairy ice cream in our freezer that has been there for probably 6 months. I’m not crazy about the taste. My 3 year old loves it but I don’t give it to him very often. It takes up so much room in the freezer I should eat it or toss it soon.

  3. If there is junk in the house it will “talk to me” until I give in!!!

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