Got Energy? Tips and a Giveaway

Got Energy

Sometimes I need more energy. I’m guessing you do too!

Admittedly, I have more energy now than I did in my Standard American Diet (SAD) days.

I’ve noticed trends in my energy levels based on activity and food consumption. For example, when I over-eat I feel like a slug and I don’t want to move. That rarely happens anymore. Baked Potatoes are a great food for me. I feel energetic, satisfied and still light enough to move. I’ve learned I don’t tolerate wheat well and it makes me feel cloudy and fatigued. I used to get order a veggie sandwich from a near by sandwich shop; while it was delicious, it didn’t fuel my body well. If you can eat wheat it may be a good choice for you. I love eating Bean, Grain & Veggie Bowls.

My husband usually has a baked sweet potato and a bucket o’ broccoli (raw) for lunch everyday. He feels fantastic! I know that some people react differently to foods so there isn’t a one-size fits all.

Here are a few tips!

1. Get Dressed First Thing in the Morning!

I love lounging around in my pajamas as much as the next girl but it almost guarantees I get nothing done. I need real clothes and shoes on to be productive.

2. Avoid Processed, Empty Calories

When I’m feeling tired or blah my instinct is to reach for a sweet treat or caffeine. Eating and drinking just enough empty calories every few hours to keep you functioning but not thriving is not the way to live.  I remember when I was about 12 years old, I would consume nothing but soda and candy bars for days at a time. My standard lunch was chips and soda. Even on my worst day now, I can see how far I’ve come from that junk food lifestyle.

3.  Eat Nutritious Food!

As mentioned above, I feel great when eating beans and grains, baked potatoes, hearty veggie wraps and soups. I like steamed broccoli but I enjoy it more accompanying potatoes or rice. I like make bowls filled with a variety of plants: potatoes, beans, grains, tomatoes, onions, garlic, broccoli, peppers, spinach and anything else available. This week we have cucumbers and squash to add to our rotation.  All of these foods are nutrient dense and can be mixed and matched for a number of unique meals.

I’ve recently experimented with ENERGYbits®. They are made from 100% organically grown spirulina algae. 30 bits are considered a serving. I tried chewing one up before realizing they are much better swallowed whole. Each bit has just 1 calorie but they are loaded with 40 nutrients have the highest concentration of protein in the world (64%).

I used them as a meal replacement and felt like I had more energy, great mental clarity and no digestive issues. ENERGYbits are not a supplement, they are food; spirulina algae is the only ingredient. 

I was given a free sample to try and I’m giving away a sample to a reader! ENERGYbits are only available at, and Jonathan (their Brand Manager) has shared with me that he’d be happy to connect anyone with a current ambassador to share a discount on a bag of bits – you can email him at

This giveaway is open to US reader only, the winner will be contacted via email.

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  1. I would love to try the Energy Bits. I have a lot more energy since going plant based but still could use more. 🙂

  2. I agree! Get up and dress and get going in the morning. Fueling your body with unprocessed foods is the only way to go. I would love to try Energybits. They sound great!

  3. Also, my favorite energy food is a banana with a natural nut butter (almond is my favorite)..

  4. Are your veggie bowls raw or cooked? Or a little of both?

    My favorite pre-workout (usually first thing in the morning) is a half banana plus a tsp of nut butter (if I eat more I get cramps/less and I don’t have enough energy).

    • Hi Lisa,
      The beans and grains are cooked but the veggies are usually raw, sometimes I’ll use leftover veggies they may have been steamed.

      Apples and peanut butter used to be my favorite but now we are a nut-free house due to allergies. I still have sunfower seed butter sometimes but it doesn’t hit the spot the same way. I’ll also use a GF wrap, and a sunbutter and apple or banana slices for a breakfast or snack when I need something to get me going.

  5. Protein gives me energy and keeps me satiated really well. So, things like beans, tofu, edamame, etc are the best for me when I need energy 🙂

  6. I love veggie/rice/bean bowls. Good for energy and no heavy feeling.

  7. PS – totally agree about getting dressed right away! If I’m in jambes, I just want to sit at the table, read, and drink tea!

  8. Holly, that is funny…I love a baked potato smothered in homemade chili!! I feel so good after that.

  9. Great tips!

  10. A combo of fruit and nuts gives me a good boost!

  11. Sarah from WI says:

    definitely whole foods

  12. Greens!! Cabbage was my best friend for awhile, but now I’m off of it. I go through stages but I try to keep up the variety. Thanks for the giveaway!!

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