5 Tips to Simplify your Lunch Box Routine and Printable

Last year I created a fun printable to give you ideas of what to pack in your (or your kids) lunch box. You can find it along with 10 Tips to De-Stress your Lunch Box. It is a great list but it’s a big list. If you found yourself overwhelmed at all of the choices I’ve got a great solution for you.


This year my mission is to simplify. I’ve created a NEW printable that gives fewer choices but makes lunch packing even easier.

I was inspired by the EasyLunchboxes I’ve been using. Rest assured, even if you aren’t using bento-style containers you can still benefit by simplifying your lunch packing routine. Get your Free Printable of the 2014 Lunch Box Guide!

The Plant-Based Lunch Box Guide for 2014

5 Tips to Simplify your Lunch Box Routine

1. Pack your Lunch the Night Before.

Why spend 15 minutes in the morning packing a lunch when you can pack it the night before. Even better, pack several days worth of lunches on Sunday night.

2. Make a Lunch Menu for the week.

Do your kids debate about what they are taking in the lunch. Sit down on Friday night and talk about what they want to eat the next week in their lunch boxes. You will have plenty of time on Saturday to buy any necessary ingredients. Use the New Lunch Box Guide to help with options.

3. Pick your Battles.

Let your child make some of the choices but it’s best if you give them guidelines. For example, tell them they can take a cookie in their lunch but only for two days, the other days they have to choose something else like pretzels or dried fruit.

4. Keep it Cool.

Consider when your child will be eating. Most schools begin lunch near 11:00 with kindergartners. Lunch progresses until the oldest kids get to have lunch. This has been as late at 12:30 for some of my kids. Make sure you pack foods that will taste good at room temperature or slightly cool if you are using an ice pack.

5. Label Everything.

My son has already lost his lunch box(es) multiple times this year. We have his main lunch box and two back ups. He is getting better now that we are a few weeks into school but having his first and last name on his lunch box is really important. Also, remember to label any water bottles or other items that may be separated during lunch time. I’m very familiar with our schools “Lost and Found” cabinet.

Don’t forget to print of the 2014 Lunch Box Guide! We like to hang it on the inside of our cupboard but you could also put it on the refrigerator or in your pantry. If you need more options check out last years guide.

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