July 31, 2017 Plant-Based Meal Plan

If you struggle to figure out what to make each week I encourage you to write down a meal plan. Having something you can look at will help you stay on track.

As I was making lunch on Sunday, my son asked if we could have Spaghetti this week. I said yes and made a mental note to put Spaghetti in our plant-based meal plan this week. One dinner down, four more to plan.

Plant-Based Meal Plan

Last week, we never got around to making Lentil Tacos so those are going back on the meal plan this week. I already have all the ingredients I need. We usually eat some version of leftover dinner for lunch and rotate through a few breakfast ideas each week. Now I’m almost half way to a new meal plan!

Plant-Based Meal Plan


Banana Bread and fresh fruit

Soup and Salad

Lentil Tacos with Mexican Rice


Instant Pot Steel Cut Oatmeal with blueberries

Taco Salad

Spaghetti with side salad and Creamy Italian Salad Dressing


Chia Porridge

Leftover pasta

Tofu Scramble and fresh fruit


Breakfast Stir Fry

Baked Potato

Chickpea Noodle Soup


Banana Nut Oatmeal

Veggie Sandwich

Mexican Rice and Unfried Beans or Unfried Black Beans

It feels like summer is still in full swing but my kids are starting back to school this week! Soon we will be back to homework, rushed mornings, afterschool snacks and packed lunches.

If you are in the same situation I hope you got my email on Saturday morning! Every Saturday I send out an email full of plant-based tips and last weekend they were focused on Back to School! I’ve got more coming next weekend so be sure to sign up!

In the mean time, check out these tips to your lunch box and download the free printable! It will give you plenty of inspiration as you pack your lunches!

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  1. I love having your Mexican Rice! I make a Mexican “Cheese” Sauce and “Sour Cream” to go with it. We either just have it all in a bowl together, my fiancee likes to dip tortilla chips in it or we wrap it in tortilla shell or make a burrito bowl with all the toppings. This is my go to meal for my omnivore family and friends. I have served it to over 20 of them so far with rave reviews from all of them. This is the meal that has actually converted a few of them and the others wanting to try other whole food plant based dishes/meals! I’m so glad I found your website!!! 🙂

    • Becky! That makes me so happy! Thank you for sharing such a great review! That is one of my favorites too, partially because it is so versatile and seems “normal” to omnivores.

      Once it cools off a little and you are feeling like soup, I encourage you to try the Minestrone! I think you will love it!

      • Thank you Holly!
        I’ll check it out 🙂 I can’t remember if you have a blendtec or vitamix? The Mexican Cheese Sauce I make I cook right in the vitamix. That’s a big plus for me! Lol. I’d love to share the recipe with you in an email if you’re interested 🙂
        Have a Blessed Day,

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