August 21, 2017 Plant-Based Meal Plan

Whether you are new to a plant-based diet or long time plant-based eater, having a plant-based meal plan is a great way to make sure you stay on track with healthy eating. The simpler the meal plan, the easier it is to follow.

This week’s meal plan offers a lot of plant-based recipes. I like to show a full menu, but to keep it simple, I’ll only cook a few of them but double the portions so we can have leftovers. This week’s meal plan uses a lot of pantry staples and basic fresh ingredients that we always have on hand. You can follow along on Instagram to see what we end up eating.

Another thing we do to keep things easy is a grocery pick up. Depending on where you live, some stores allow you to shop for your groceries online or through an app, set a pickup time, then drive to the store. Then an employee brings the groceries out to your vehicle. This is so helpful if you have small children you don’t want to take in the store or have a really busy schedule.

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Plant-Based Meal Plan

Don’t worry about following the whole plant-based meal plan. Let this week’s meal plan inspire you to try new recipes!


Instant Pot Oatmeal with diced apples or blueberries

Baked Potatoes

Plant-Based Nachos! You have to try these!


Toast with fruit

Veggie Sandwich

Mexican Casserole


Overnight Oats

Burritos using leftovers

Chickpea and Rice Soup in the Instant Pot


Instant Pot Oatmeal

Soup and Salad

Busy Night Pasta


Toast or bagels with peanut butter and fresh fruit


Tofu Kabobs (made in my Air Fryer) and a side dish

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