Instant Pot on Black Friday + My Favorite Accessories

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Tis’ the season…to be bombarded with sales, deals and Christmas lists. Thankfully, I’ve already started my shopping but the few days after Thanksgiving are full of deals that I don’t want to miss. I’m sharing all of my favorite finds with you!

This page will contain my affiliate links. That means I’ll make a very small percent of each sale, at no extra cost to you.

The Instant Pot is one of my favorite  purchases in the last few years. I have the 7 in 1 Multi-functional Instant Pot! Check out why I love my Instant Pot!

If you already have an Instant Pot or are shopping for someone who already has on, I recommend and extra sealing ring, the tempered glass lid for using the slow cooker mode, or the silicone lid. (The IP brand lid isn’t available. I haven’t tried this version but it is on my wish list!) I also use this steamer basket and love it!

There are also many great pressure cooker books! I own The Vegan Fast Food Kitchen and Vegan Pressure Cooking. I’ve heard great things about Vegan Under Pressure too!

The Cuisinart Smart Stick is my latest purchase. I chose this one because of the Cuisinart reputation and the features. I’ve wanted an immersion blender for years and finally decided to buy it right before Thanksgiving. It made our food prep so much easier. I foresee a lot more mashed potatoes in our future because they are done so quickly. My husband even asked why we didn’t buy this years ago. Plus, the stick blender works well in the Instant Pot!

If you plan to buy an Instant Pot this year, don’t miss this deal!


Our Fall Family Vacation

I’ve got a brand new fall meal plan for you with shopping lists! The problem is I just got back from a 10 day trip and forgot to get part of it ready for you! Sorry!

Instead I’ll tell you about my trip and give you one more chance to get my OLD Fall Meal Plan before the new one is released this week.

The Meal Plans are a freebie for everyone on my email list. Get my OLD Fall Meal Plan now before it is gone! You’ll also get my NEW Fall Meal Plan that comes with shopping lists as soon as it is ready!

So, where was I for 10 days?

fall break trip

Our Road Trip

My kids get a week off of school for fall break. When I was a stay at home mom this wasn’t a big deal. It meant play dates with friends and staying in our jammies all day. Now that I work full time, it can present a problem.

Instead of using all my vacation time to sit home last week we went on a road trip and drove over 3,000 miles. We had a great time seeing family. The boys met new cousins they never knew they had. They also got to climb trees, play catch for hours, eat, stay in hotels and with family, eat some more, get a surprise visit from their sister, play with dogs and visit the farm. It was a great week!

I almost completely unplugged while on vacation too. I did a little Facebook scrolling here and there and took care of some of my freelance commitments but it didn’t interfere with family time. I read books, sang along to the radio and ate my weight in snacks.

Family, Food and Fun

I have several favorite parts of our trip. Visit with family was the high point. Living far away from family can be hard, I don’t get back to visit as often as I’d like. Whether it was sitting at my mom’s table, my Memaw’s back porch, my dad’s recliner, or all the eating, talking and laughing, being with my family was my favorite.

Another favorite part was seeing my boys play in a whole new way. My kids play outside in our back yard in Arizona but it’s all concrete and rocks. Playing in grassy Oklahoma and Texas was a new experience. They even learned to close the gate, a very important task when there are animals that will get out.

Food was another clear favorite. We took in many of our old favorites and some new finds. I ate anything and everything my Memaw made. At one of our favorite Mexican food restaurants I asked my husband how we could ever leave this place. Who knew Mexican food would be different in Arizona.

We were gone for 10 days but are happy to be home. I really missed my bed and I know the work is piling up for me when I log in.

Now that I’m back I’ll be sharing that new meal plan, a delicious soup recipe and some of my favorite allergy-friendly Halloween treats soon!

Our 4th of July Menu

It’s the 4th of July and in the US, we are celebrating Independence Day. I’m enjoying a nice long weekend with family and friends and I’ve neglected to plan for the holiday.

Today, I’ve got a great 4th of July menu planned even if you don’t have time. I’m using items from my basic pantry and fridge staples list.

Plant-Based Burger

This Veggie Burger uses beans and rice and they are easy to make without a lot of prior planning.

Kidney Bean and Quinoa Veggie Burger is a great plant-based option for vegans.

Plant-Based Side Dish

Pasta Salad is an easy side dish, it uses basic ingredients and is a crowd-pleaser.

Sweet and Tangy Pasta Salad is gluten-free, vegan and perfect for summer potlucks.


Plant-Based Dips

I love dips! If you’ve been here a while you know that already. Holidays call for Hummus and salsa with a side of raw veggies and tortilla chips.

Jalapeno Hummus is plant-based and oil-free recipe will win over any critic.

Oven roasted salsa

We can’t forget the fruit! This easy dairy-free fruit dip is easy so easy to make even the kids can help.

Chocolate Fruit Dip

Plant-Based Dessert

I can’t think of a better dessert for the 4th of July than frozen fruit treats! No need to turn on the oven with these delicious treats. Choose from Triple Berry Yogurt Pops or Mango Lime Ice Pops.

Triple Berry Frozen Yogurt Pops are dairy-free and suitable for vegans. These frozen treats are easily made with a yogurt alternative and fresh fruit.

Mango Lime Ice Pops are a great frozen treat that is healthy and tasty. These vegan treats are still creamy even without the dairy.

How are you celebrating the holiday? Will there be delicious plant-based food there? If so, take pictures and tag me on Instagram so I can see.

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Weekly Meal Plan 02/15/16

What a week! Two giveaways ended and the winners have been contacted, my boys have been sick and I was in a car accident. (I’m ok.) I’m not quite up to cooking but my friend Melodee brought us a couple of plant-based meals.

This week’s meal plan will be pretty sparse because I don’t plan on doing much cooking. Thankfully it isn’t slowing my pinning down. My 40+ Meatless Recipes for Lent post is doing well on Pinterest this week.

Weekly Meal Plan

Weekly Meal Plan

[Read more…]

Choosing to Eat Healthy (when problems arise) Meal Plan

Last week our refrigerator went out on Monday morning. We had to throw almost everything away.

I had a few ice chests that I used to save our Silk and So Delicious coffee creamers, plant-based milks, leftovers Enchilada Soup and a few other things. I wasn’t able to stick to our meal plan but I did make healthy choices.

We’ve done our shopping and are starting over with a clean slate. If you  haven’t cleaned out your fridge and freezer in a while make a plan to do it soon!

Choosing to Eat Healthy

I have a group of people going through the Plant-Based Basics eCourse. I shared with them that when problems arise or I get stressed I turn to junk food. Last week I was very intentional about choosing healthy foods, even though it would have been easier to eat unhealthy foods.

Even though I didn’t stick to my plan last week do to our refrigerator situation I made the decision to eat healthy every day. If you are new to a plant-based diet, in the beginning you will need to make that choice every day. Eventually, it becomes a habit.

Plant-Based Meal Plan

Plant Based Meal Plan


I’m on an oatmeal kick and have been having it almost every day. I’ve been making a big batch on the weekend to use for a few days then another batch for the end of the week. We also have cereal, toast and sometimes bagels to choose from.


  • Leftover Soup and Baked Potato
  • Sandwiches
  • Baked Potatoes made in the Instant Pot
  • Leftover Bean and Rice Burritos

The boys take a packed lunch to school everyday.


We still have one more day to plan, on Wednesday we are hosting a pot luck. I have no idea what I’ll make for that but at least our fridge is working. Let me know your suggestions!

This page contains affiliate links. 

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