Weekly Meal Plan 02/15/16

What a week! Two giveaways ended and the winners have been contacted, my boys have been sick and I was in a car accident. (I’m ok.) I’m not quite up to cooking but my friend Melodee brought us a couple of plant-based meals.

This week’s meal plan will be pretty sparse because I don’t plan on doing much cooking. Thankfully it isn’t slowing my pinning down. My 40+ Meatless Recipes for Lent post is doing well on Pinterest this week.

Weekly Meal Plan

Weekly Meal Plan

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Choosing to Eat Healthy (when problems arise) Meal Plan

Last week our refrigerator went out on Monday morning. We had to throw almost everything away.

I had a few ice chests that I used to save our Silk and So Delicious coffee creamers, plant-based milks, leftovers Enchilada Soup and a few other things. I wasn’t able to stick to our meal plan but I did make healthy choices.

We’ve done our shopping and are starting over with a clean slate. If you  haven’t cleaned out your fridge and freezer in a while make a plan to do it soon!

Choosing to Eat Healthy

I have a group of people going through the Plant-Based Basics eCourse. I shared with them that when problems arise or I get stressed I turn to junk food. Last week I was very intentional about choosing healthy foods, even though it would have been easier to eat unhealthy foods.

Even though I didn’t stick to my plan last week do to our refrigerator situation I made the decision to eat healthy every day. If you are new to a plant-based diet, in the beginning you will need to make that choice every day. Eventually, it becomes a habit.

Plant-Based Meal Plan

Plant Based Meal Plan


I’m on an oatmeal kick and have been having it almost every day. I’ve been making a big batch on the weekend to use for a few days then another batch for the end of the week. We also have cereal, toast and sometimes bagels to choose from.


  • Leftover Soup and Baked Potato
  • Sandwiches
  • Baked Potatoes made in the Instant Pot
  • Leftover Bean and Rice Burritos

The boys take a packed lunch to school everyday.


We still have one more day to plan, on Wednesday we are hosting a pot luck. I have no idea what I’ll make for that but at least our fridge is working. Let me know your suggestions!

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Big News

I’ve got a lot of BIG news so read all the way down!


First, I’m starting up a bi-weekly newsletter! You really want to sign up for this because I’m going to share some great info! The first one will go out before the end of the year and will include a giveaway and special deals!

Instant Pot

Second, the fancy, blue-tooth enabled Instant Pot is a lightning deal on Amazon for the next 3 hours! I don’t have this version, only because it had not come out when I bought mine.

If you are unsure about the Instant Pot you can read 10 Reasons I Bought Mine! I’m going to share a lot more Instant Pot tips soon! We cook with it more than anything thing else in our kitchen. Buy it here!

Heather C. was our Instant Pot winner for the recent giveaway! Congrats Heather!

(KitchenAid Stand Mixers are also a lightning deal!)


The Plant-Based Diet Starter Guide

My Book

Third, my ebook The Plant-Based Diet Starter Guide: How to Cook, Shop and Eat Well is now in PRINT!

You can only get it on Amazon! The printed version is $7.99 but you can get the kindle version for $4.49!

This book is a quick and easy read but will quickly fill you in on what you need to know to start a plant-based diet.

Plant-Based Basics eCourse


Forth, I have a brand new eCourse that will walk you through everything you need to know to transition to a plant-based diet! The course is 50% right now but will go back up to its regular price soon!

Printer-Friendly Recipes

Fifth, I started using a new recipe plug-in. That means that you will have an easier time printing recipes! I had two requests in the same week and decided it was time to adopt it. The only problem is I have to go back and manually add it to all my recipes.

Tell me your favorite recipes and I’ll do those first!

More News


We had a great visit with our grown-up daughter that lives in Michigan! She was here for a few days and we had a blast. This is one of my favorite pictures of us. We were laughing hysterically! Neither one of us can keep our eyes open when we laugh.

I work for a non-profit and this is our busiest time of the year (but we are always really busy). If you are looking to help people in need check out our Gift Catalog.

I’ll be putting the finishing touches on the eCourse over the next week. I’ve got a few bonus’ for everyone who signs up! I may even try to post a few blog posts too.

I hope you all have a safe and Merry Christmas!

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Instant Pot Giveaway

There are two kinds of people:

People who love their Instant Pot…

and people who want an Instant Pot.

Today I’m excited to make one of you a little closer to owning your own Instant Pot!

Instant Pot Giveaway

When I went to work full-time a little over a year ago the first thing I did was buy an Instant Pot. I knew that my time would be limited and I wouldn’t be able to watch a soup simmer all day or keep an eye on my Crock Pot.

Instant Pot was a huge help for my family. We most frequently use it to “bake” potatoes, or to cook beans, rice and oatmeal.

I wrote a post called 10 Reasons I Bought an Instant Pot and I’ve come up with more reasons since then.

What You Need to Know

I get a lot of email about Instant Pots. Here is what you need to know:

  • Instant Pots are safe.
  • You can cook things quickly, but it’s not magic, it takes a little time to come to pressure and release pressure.
  • You can use it as a slow cooker, but you’ll want this lid. I just bought it.
  • You don’t have to use all of the buttons, I cook many things on manual.
  • When you first unbox your Instant Pot you will be overwhelmed but it’s a lot easier than it looks.
  • You can find recipes made for the Instant Pot so you don’t have to figure out conversions.
  • When it is done cooking, it will keep the food warm until you are ready.
  • It comes with a trivet that is used inside the Instant Pot, we set potatoes on it to steam

The Instant Pot Club

Ok, there isn’t a real “club” but there are a ton of people who use and love their Instant Pot, it’s kind of like an unofficial sisterhood (society is another alternative) (or brotherhood if you prefer) of people who love to talk about cooking with their Instant Pot. You can connect with them on Facebook or Twitter but this Facebook Group is one of my favorite resources.

There are also several great books like New Fast Food Kitchen and Vegan Pressure Cooking that have a lot of great plant-based recipes that are made in the Instant Pot. Vegan Pressure Cooking for Kindle is only $2.99 right now!

Get Your Instant Pot

Instant Pot is available on Amazon. This is how I buy almost everything except perishable groceries. I love Amazon! The price on the Instant Pot is great right now, barely over $100 but it changes all the time so buy it quickly. Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial to get free shipping!

Instant Pot is also available on Walmart.com with an in-store pick-up option.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Instant Pot is making this giveaway exclusively North America, the continental US and Canada (sorry Hawaii and Alaska) due to shipping: We cannot ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or Internationally. The UK site is a separate business entity, not sponsoring the Giveaway.

This page contains affiliate links. I was not compensated for this giveaway. All opinions are my own.

Don’t Miss the Instant Pot

I’m not a Black Friday shopper. I prefer to avoid chaos in every circumstance.

I’ll make an exception for online shopping because I can to that while I sip coffee in my pajamas.

I’m done with my shopping for today but I wanted to share a few deals I ran across.

Instant Pot

I can’t recommend the Instant Pot enough. We use it multiple times per week. It counters the chaos in our lives by helping us create healthy meals with very little time and effort.


Right now it’s on Amazon for $78.50! This is the same one I have and I love it! They will probably run out so buy it now! If you aren’t sure check out my post 10 Reasons to Buy an Instant Pot!

I hope you got it because that deal is done! They now have the Smart bluetooth-enabled version is a deal of the day for about 7 more hours. I don’t have this version but it is the newest, fanciest version out and it is a great price.


Go ahead and a Blendtec blender to your Christmas list! They have a wide range of prices, I highly recommend the refurbished. They come with an excellent warranty and are jut over $200. They have a Black Friday Coupon Code listed on their site.

My friends are buying tablets like crazy because they have a lot of Black Friday Deals.

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Enjoy your weekend!

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