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I wanted to tell you about 3 things!


1. I have a ton of fantastic recipes!

Every recipe is plant-based (vegan) without added oils. Many of them are also gluten-free. We have a boat load of food allergies at our house so I create allergy-friendly recipes that are easy to adapt.

The main thing people love about my recipes (besides how GREAT they taste) is how EASY they are! Be sure to check out my new Recipe page for meal time inspiration!

Custom Meal Plan

 2. I offer FREE weekly Meal Plans!

Even if you don’t follow them yourself they are great for ideas. Every Monday I’ll post an allergy-friendly Meal Plan with suggestions for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for about 5 days. Click HERE to see my most recent free Meal Plans.

If you need more help you can order a Custom Meal Plan! Custom Meal Plans are tailored to your individual needs and preferences. I haven’t told my readers yet but I’ll have new options rolling out this summer!


3. You Need my ebook!

I have a great, easy to read ebook I’d love to share with you. It’s normally $5.99 but I’m offering a coupon code for 25% off Add to Cart the PDF version. The code is INEEDTHISBOOK

You can also order The Plant-Based Diet Starter Guide for Kindle but I don’t have a discount code for that. Sorry!

I’d love for you to visit my main page at My Plant-Based Family! You’ll find more great stuff like tips to get you started eating healthier and ideas to get your family on board. I occasionally give insight about my favorite products too!

I don’t want you to miss any thing so be sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram.


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