Meal Plan Monday

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Pasta with Broccoli

I have tried menu planning in the past. Typically, I’d do well for a month or two then fall off the wagon. Before eating a plant based diet, I would plan the menu based on what meat was on sale or stocked in my freezer. In my old way of thinking meat made the meal.

Now I have to get much more creative. I buy in bulk and right now I have humongous amounts of spinach and broccoli; OK I usually have lots of spinach and broccoli. I also have a lot of cooked beans and grains. If I waited until Monday night to decide and prepare dinner we would eat cereal. By having some things pre-made I can make a hot, fresh meal; even when my kids are screaming and hanging on to my legs as I move about the kitchen.

This week’s Meal Plan

Breakfast is usually oatmeal, toast, cereal or leftover pancakes.

Snack can be leftovers, fresh fruit, or smoothies. Cookies and muffins also make a regular appearance.

Lunch is typically leftovers or sometimes a sandwich or a wrap. My favorite lunch is throwing together leftover grains, beans, and seasonings or salsa.


Monday: Pasta with Broccoli and Spinach, I’ll make a sauce but I never know what kind it will be until I’m done.

Tuesday: Enchilada Soup

Wednesday: Stir Fry

Thursday: Black Bean Burgers, potatoes, and green beans

Friday: Dinner Out!

My menu plan is not set in stone, in fact there is a good chance the the black bean burgers will be cut altogether.

I don’t plan the weekend meals unless we have something special going on. I usually make pancakes on Sunday morning and we eat leftovers all weekend. I like to cook large batches of beans and grains to get ready for the new week.

Have you planned your menu for the week?


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  1. Well, I’ve re-committed myself back to vegan meal-planning. Here’s our selections, all from the book “Quick and Easy Vegan Comfort Food” by Alicia Simpson (I know some aren’t too great as far as cals/fat go, but mostly I’d say this author has done a wonderful job trying to stick to being healthy while offering those of us who crave the “staples” of the omnivore world a nice selection):

    Monday night:
    (Actually this is the only boxed meal I have and only because I had it in my pantry from the last attempt at a vegan flush a few months back)
    Fantastic World Foods Vegetarian Sloppy Joe Mix
    Big, yummy salad

    Rest of the week:
    Picnic Potato Salad
    Tortilla Soup
    Egg MacGuffins
    Breakfast Sausage
    Fettucine Alfredo (I am most-curious about this recipe. If it fools me and is even just about as good as the dairy kind, I’ll be so excited!)

    I also need to take notes on your blog you have here and print out some of your recipes for next shopping trip! Thank you. Sisterly solidarity is a good thing 😉

    • Joye, How is your Meal Plan going?

      • This is my first week, so I’ve got it covered. I had Friday open and was panicking a little when I was looking at the calendar, but now your recipe from today has that taken care-of. (I’ve decided to keep it simple for Mike tonight as I’m going to a mommy homeschooling gathering; they’re having Vegan Fettucine tonight from Alicia Simpson’s “Quick and Easy Vegan Comfort Food” cookbook). I don’t have anything planned yet for next week though…

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