Meal Plan Monday:Quick Meals

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About a month ago several friends of mine were talking about how busy there summers were going to be. I just sat back with a smirk because I had almost nothing planned, that is until my calendar started filling up. This week is a very busy week in our household. We had a much busier weekend than normal and didn’t even do our normal grocery shopping. 

My goal is to make due with what we have, maybe make a fruit and almond milk run, and have all dinner take less than 30 minutes to prepare. Breakfast and lunches usually only take about 5 minutes to make. I like to cook beans and grains on the weekend so they can be heated for a quick meal, alas I did not do that this weekend. I’ll make sure I cook these when I find spare time in the afternoon. 

Meal Plan

Breakfast will be oatmeal, toast, cereal, and fruit.

Lunch will be sandwiches, wraps, or leftovers, inventive I know. 

Snacks will be fruit, mini muffins I made over the weekend, and chips and salsa.


Monday: Brown rice with taco seasoned lentils, corn, salsa and guacamole.

Tuesday: Baked Potato (busy evening)

Wednesday: Veggie Stir Fry (made with spinach, carrots, red bell pepper, onions, garlic, and some frozen veggies to round things out)

Thursday: Spinach Dal

Friday: Bean Burritos 

The only thing that will take over 30 minutes to make is the brown rice. I’ll make a big batch and use the leftovers through the week to save time later. 

Do you have any tips or tricks for saving time in the kitchen? What is your favorite quick meal? 

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  1. I love that you spend yime prepping by cooking beans for easy weekday dinners – such a handy trick for smart vegetarian eating!

    • I’ve noticed when I’m too lazy to prep beans or grains I eat more junk…I’ve been eating way too many sandwiches lately. I didn’t mind as much before we went (mostly) gluten free but the GF bread just doesn’t compare to the Ezekiel bread nutrition wise.

  2. Looks like a tasty week, Holly!

  3. Love your menu, everything sounds so tasty!

    I cook dry beans in a crock pot and freeze them in “can sized” portions for quick weeknight meals. Doing that is a total time saver, not to mention sanity saver as nobody wants to slave over a hot stove in the middle of summer!

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