What’s For Breakfast

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In honor of my friend Joye I’m gonna talk about breakfasts. She is transitioning toward plant-based but feels stuck in a rut when it comes to breakfast. The truth is I’m in a little rut myself.


My go to breakfast is oatmeal. My boys LOVE it! I like it too but I’ve been eating several times a week for months and with the warm weather here it isn’t hitting the spot.

I buy rolled oats or steel-cut oats. Strangely they are more expensive than their over-processed instant counterparts. I highly encourage you to step away from the instant oats, they aren’t doing you any favors. And for the love of kale please don’t buy those little packets of sugary oatmeal evil. They take a perfectly good food, oatmeal and add stuff to it. Instead make your own oatmeal add fruits, nuts, seeds, and a bit of real maple syrup. Sometimes I’ll add banana, strawberries and raw pumpkin seeds and other times I’ll use dried cranberries or raisins. Try this recipe for  Nutty Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal, YUM!

Overnight Oats

A lot of people enjoy the Overnight Oats method of oatmeal. I have not tried this yet but I will. From what I hear Angela at Oh She Glows is the QUEEN of Overnight Oats you can check out her recipe here.

Other Grains

Most other grains can be used just like oatmeal. We have eat Breakfast Quinoa many times. Breakfast Rice is another delicious option. You can use leftover cooked rice or just cook up a fresh batch. I like to cook it a long time so it gets a little mushier than I would prefer for dinner. As it is cooking I’ll stir in cinnamon and almond milk, coconut milk would be good too. My husband likes Breakfast Rice with raisins.

If you are a crock pot user you could mix some grains, water, and fruit together in the evening, cook on low all night, for a delicious breakfast when you wake up.

Bring on the Veggies

Veggie lovers can start their day off with a Breakfast Stir Fry. No special ingredients required just use what ever seasonal veggies are available. For my taste the potato is essential. Leftover veggies work great in this. I like to eat my Breakfast Stir Fry wrapped in a tortilla with a little salsa.

Bread and Pancakes

I love bread for breakfast. Toast is my friend, especially if it is covered in almond butter (peanut butter is my favorite but variety is a good thing). I top it with sliced apples or sliced banana’s most of the time. Since we are switching to gluten-free bread we don’t have it as often. Gluten-free bread is too expensive to eat for every meal. Before going gluten-free Ezekiel bread was my favorite.

I also love pancakes. As a kid I remember going to IHOP and eat so many pancakes I felt sick, only to be hungry again a couple of hours later. After going plant-based we switched to Whole Wheat Pancakes; of course I topped them with nut butter and fruit, just like my toast. As a family our favorite was Blueberry Whole Wheat Pancakes. I use Lindsay’s recipe at the Happy Herbivore you can find it here.

Sadly I have not had the best outcome with making Gluten-free pancakes and I broke down and bought a GF Pancake Mix so we could have them for Father’s Day. Don’t worry I’ll keep trying.

Here’s your chance? What did I forget?

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  1. Chia porridge! Yum!

  2. Hey, Holly! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for this entry! I’m gonna print it out and start to use it. I can’t tell you how much of a help you’ve been.

    Mike’s family is coming for a visit for the 4th of July and his brother, sister-in-law, and sister are either vegetarians or vegans with health restrictions (low sugar, low salt, etc.), so just this morning I was thumbing through my Pinterest pages and vegan cookbooks looking for breakfast and lunch menu ideas. This was so timely – I’m just going to follow your blog!

    I’ll take photos and let you know how it all goes. I was going to get all fancy-schmansy with trying to make a fruit entree but then decided I’m going to cut up some and just leave it in a bowl for everyone to dig in to. That’s one dish done 🙂 Keep it fresh, simple, and clean… Just as Holly would do! Blessings – JOYE =)

    • Joye I’m so glad I could help. I’ll try to send you recipes as I come across them. I hope you have a great visit with them! If they can have wheat they will love the pancakes. Everyone who has tried them here has loved them!

  3. Green smoothies! Spinach (or other green of choice), coconut water, a few fruits, a couple vegetables, and voila! They are especially good with pineapple.

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