BBQ Chickpea Salad

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20120815-125141.jpgI am not a salad eater. Of course salads at places like Paradise Bakery taste AMAZING but they are also loaded with fats, dairy and meat that I avoid. When I order them without all of that they are just okay. I’ve been trying to eat salads a little for frequently so I came up with the idea for a salad with BBQ Chickpeas.

This salad was tasty! It was missing something, a little spice. I think it would have been great with some hot peppers added. I also wish I had a different salad dressing for this. I tried a few sweet dressings that I had but the taste just wasn’t right. Maybe just a bit more barbecue sauce would have done the trick.

BBQ Chickpea Salad


  • Cooked Chickpeas (I used 1 cup)
  • BBQ Sauce (I used a few Tbsp’s)
  • Leafy greens
  • Tomatoes
  • Peppers
  • Carrots
  • Onions
  • other salad veggies like cucumbers or mushrooms would be good too


  1. In a small pan heat drained chickpeas until warm.  
  2. Pour in BBQ Sauce onto chickpeas and stir regularly, reduce temperature to low.
  3. Assemble salad with your favorite veggies.
  4. Place warm BBQ Chickpeas on salad and enjoy.


This is a great entre salad but it could also be served as a side salad. The chickpeas make it more substantial and the sweet and tangy sauce make it interesting. I only made about a cup of BBQ chickpeas and it wasnt’ enough because my daughter and husband like them too. This salad could be taken on the go very easily as the chickpeas don’t really need to be warm.

If you like the idea of BBQ Chickpeas try them on potatoes or smash them and make a BBQ sandwich. My boys love BBQ chickpeas, they are slightly messy but still an easy finger food.

Do you have a favorite healthy (and easy) salad dressing? If so please share!




Sharing is caring!


  1. This looks good! I’m definitely going to try this soon! 🙂

  2. What a cool idea!

  3. I will have to remember this for my partner because he hates all salad dressings but he LOVES bbq sauce, so this would be great for his salads. I think it sounds tasty too!

  4. YUM! I have been trying to incorporate chickpeas into our meals. My kids are funny about the texture..BUT they love BBQ sauce. Maybe this might be a good incentive 😉

  5. Looks delicious! I’m certain my family will love those chickpeas. Thanks Holly!!

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