Meal Plan Monday: Trying New Dinner Recipes

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Breakfast Tacos

Breakfast Tacos

We really enjoyed last week’s Soup Week. It was probably the most delicious week we have had in a while.

We didn’t do our normal weekly grocery trip this weekend, I’m sure we will have to go at some point this week but my hope is it use up odds and ends to save a little money and avoid another shopping trip. We will have to run out for more fruit. We are down to two bunches of bananas, a dozen apples, and 2 oranges along with a few other splurge items. That wont last long around here.

Meal Plan

Breakfast will be a little different this week. We normally have oatmeal most days but we are almost out so I’ll be mixing it up a bit. We will probably have pancakes, baked sweet potatoes, Breakfast Quinoa, and maybe even cereal.

Lunch will be leftovers most days. My kids like almond butter sandwiches a lot, I usually serve them with sliced apples. I’ve been craving salads since the last Healthy Cravings so I may have a few gargantuan Italian salads. I may even make a pot of soup too to use up the veggies I don’t really like eating plain, like celery.

Snack is usually fruit. Apples, bananas, and oranges are typically available but right now I also have a lovely pineapple and blueberries. We may have smoothies too because I have a big bag of kale.

Dinner may be a little tougher without making a trip to the store. I love breakfast for dinner. Last week I made Breakfast Tacos for a potluck and everyone loved them. I’ve been daydreaming about those tacos ever since. I’d love to do a Chickpea-Quinoa Stir Fry too, maybe even add a little of that pineapple. I’m in the beginning stages of coming up with a sautéed mushroom and lentil dish, I’m still trying to decided what I want to serve it over, maybe potatoes or rice but I’d really like a more interesting (and GF) option. If I really get creative we may have homemade GF pizza. I haven’t made gluten-free pizza before but I’d like to give it a try soon. I have a medium-sized pot of beans soaking now so I’ll be making something with those as well.

If these new recipes turn out I’ll be sharing them, if not…well just forget I mentioned it.

What are you eating this week? I like trying new things and mixing and matching different ingredients I think (hope) will taste good together. During the day I’m content with eating the same thing most days but in the evening I want variety. What about you?

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