Meal Plan Monday with Alison from Plant Strong New England

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Most Monday’s I post of Meal Plan detailing what we will be eating for the week. During July I’ll be featuring other bloggers and Plant-Based eaters and sharing their Meal Plan’s. I’m excited to “meet” other like minded people and get a glimpse of what’s going on in their kitchens.

Today I’d like to introduce you to Alison, she created a Facebook Page called Plant Strong New England. She offers daily insight into her diet, helpful links, recipe and book recommendations and even shares her struggles eating plant-based. Plant Strong New England is a great reference for those in the New England area but helpful for anyone interested in eating healthier.

My name is Alison and I became plant based April 2012.  By day I am a cook at a middle school, by night I try to convert my family to plant based eating, not always successfully! My husband grudgingly tries the food as long as I supplement him along the way with (eek!) steaks and such.  My oldest son (20) wants no part of it.  My youngest son (18) will usually eat what I am making.  My daughter (23) is gluten free and pretty picky so she is hit and miss! My other daughter (also 23) lives on her own and is 90% plant strong.  I admit I am a gleeful follower of the Happy Herbivore and sometimes Engine 2.

Meal Plan

Breakfast: Usually cereal, muffins (such as Happy Herbivore Apple Crisp Muffins), quick breads (such as Happy Herbivore Blueberry Coffee Cake) or whole grain toast w/natural peanut butter.

Lunch: Wraps, pizza, large salads.  For example this week I had HH Yam Falafels  topped with tofu sour cream; pizza topped w/kale and “cheese” sauce, a large salad w/leftover falafel and an avocado; leftover pizza.

Dinner: Kind of the same as lunches lol.  This week was: Engine 2 LOL Loaf w/mashed potatoes and peas; Taco pizza w/salad; Spring rolls w/veg on side; and a Veg Jambalaya w/brown rice. I have also been making a lot of veg chili lately which I serve over shredded romaine and top w/tofu sour cream.

Snacks: Hummus w/FF pretzels or rice crackers; fruit; black bean brownies or other “treats”

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Don’t forget to check out Plant Strong New England on Facebook. You can also follow Alison on Twitter and on Pinterest.

Are you in New England?

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