Faux Cheezy Black Bean Quesadillas (Gluten-Free)

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backtoschool1 copyGraphics by Melodee Fiske

Looking for something for your kiddos lunch box? Look no further!

quesadillas Forget the boring sandwich and give these babies a try!

Faux Cheezy Black Bean Quesadillas



  1. Spread beans on half of tortilla then add cheese sauce on top of beans.
  2. Fold in half then heat on griddle or in a skillet until brown.
  3. Cut into easy to hold triangles


We Loved these quesadillas! I served them with Mexican spiced quinoa, salsa, guacamole, and coconut milk plain yogurt. They are the perfect size for a lunch box and can be eaten quickly.

lunchbox copyGraphics by Melodee Fiske

What’s in your kid’s lunch box?

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