A Little Help Please

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I like to think that this blog is my little corner where I can make a difference. Yes, I know I make a difference in my home, my family, my neighborhood, my church, etc. but on a larger scale my blog goes place I can’t. That idea is thrilling!

Practical Things Make a Difference

When I graduated from college I went on a month-long mission trip to Romania. We made repairs to a church, helped in an orphanage, delivered food and clothes to families, put on clown shows but the best part was just talking to people, encouraging them, and praying for them.

We did practical things, offered everyday help and it made a difference.

Plant-Based Help

I remember when I began the transition to whole food, plant-based eating. I didn’t even know what words to Google with. I couldn’t find any appropriate recipes and I was completely overwhelmed. Of course I learned more and found an abundance of resources. I kept thinking it shouldn’t be this hard.

I set out to provide a resource for others transitioning to a plant-based diet, especially families. I love getting feedback from you all. I feel like when I share my struggles, mistakes, victories, and yes even recipes I make it easier for you to be successful, or at least realize you can do this.

Quinoa and Black Beans

I Could Use A Little Help

I’m in a recipe contest for Pritikin’s Recipe of the Year. I submitted this recipe for Cilantro-Lime Infused Quinoa with Black Beans. It is delicious and easily adaptable! The voting ends August 30th.

Casting a vote for your favorite recipe is real simple. Just share your favorite recipe with your social media community on your favorite social sites by clicking on any social share button within the recipe page. Every click & share counts as a vote! Pritikin’s Contest FAQs

If you would take the next 60 seconds and click over to my recipe for Cilantro-Lime Infused Quinoa with Black Beans and share it via the social media buttons I’d really appreciate it. Feel free to check out the other recipes too, most are not plant-based but could be adapted.

The top 2 recipe creators win a trip to Pritikin Longevity Center in Miami, Florida (with a guest) to compete in a cook-off. I’d love to win this trip. It would be a much-needed vacation and an opportunity to spread the plant-based message.


If you took a few seconds to vote, Thank You! I hope to give you all an update as soon as I know the results. Even more than winning the contest I appreciate that you care and you keep coming back and making me a part of your journey.


I wanted to let you all know that my recipe was in the top two and I’ll be going to Miami to later this month! Thank you all for voting and the support you are faithful to provide.




Sharing is caring!


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