Meal Plan Monday: Cooking for the Weather

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Is it autumn in your town?

If so you may be dreaming of creamy soups and hot apple crisp. It’s not quite fall yet but it is below 100° for a few days and it’s rainy so I’m pretending. Yesterday I made soup and cookies.

So the beginning of the week I’ll keep living in denial of autumn bliss but by the end of the week I’ll be back to reality.

Weather is actually the biggest factor in my meal plans. When it is hot we eat more salads and cook on the stove or grill and when it’s cool I use the oven more.

Nutty Apple Cinnamon oatmeal

Meal Plan


Breakfast is usually quick and easy, as the weather cool down warm oatmeal and breakfast rice will take center stage. Fruit is usually added to every breakfast, or at least a mid morning snack.


I’ve been enjoying baked potatoes  a lot lately. They are so easy that I’ll add them to most lunch options. I like to add a side salad or raw veggies to lunch also.


Usually fruit and veggies make up our daily snacks but if I get a chance to bake we may have muffins also.

  • Apples with sunbutter
  • Baby Oranges, a.k.a. Cuties
  • Carrots, cucumbers, bell peppers and hummus
  • Veggie Wraps (because sometimes I need MORE)
  • Cookies, yes I made sunbutter cookies.


While dinner is usually the most “complicated” meal of the day at our house it’s usually pretty easy. I like to make extra for lunches. If I’m cooking one thing on the stove I might as well cook something else next to it to save time later.

I’ll save time by cooking a lot of potatoes today to use throughout the week. The same thing goes for anything with beans and some of the dishes with grains. I washed and sliced veggies yesterday for grab and go snacks. I may even make a few dishes today since I’m in a cooking mood.

Is it autumn yet in your area? Are you ready for pumpkin recipes?


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  1. All fantastic recipes, as usual! Every time we eat one, which is every day, I say to my husband, “And guess what?” (What?) “It’s cheap!” We laugh.

    • I’m so glad you enjoy my recipes! Your comment made my day! We couldn’t eat this way if it was expensive. All it takes is a little creativity and determination!

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