Meal Plan Monday Plus a Few Local Events

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Meal Plan Monday

How do I confront a busy week? With a Plant-Based Meal Plan of course!


A few upcoming events include a side walk fair at Keystone Natural Family Medicine! I’ll be a vendor so if you are in the area please stop by between 9 and noon on Wednesday, October 9th. They are having some great specials too including a Food Sensitivity Panel and Instant Cholesterol Checks. We LOVE our doctor.

Thursday is Healthy Cravings. If you are new here Healthy Cravings is a once a month meeting I host to show people how easy, inexpensive and delicious a Plant-Based Diet can be. This month is all about BEANS! If you are in the area and want more information email me.

Saturday my husband and I have the privilege to team up with Danny Collier of Simplicity Fitness and teach a cooking class for individuals going through a 21 Day Clean Eating Cleanse. The recipe will also be featured on the menu at Red Mountain Ranch Country Club.

To make things a little easier each week I choose a one to two things that will be the cornerstone of the Meal Plan. This week it is definitely Quinoa with some reoccurring chickpeas, noodles and broccoli as well. The quinoa, chickpeas and noodles are ready for anything I can dream up.

Meal Plan


I just received my bulk order of Gluten-Free Oats so there will be a lot of oatmeal this week.


With such a busy week I’ll eat a lot of sandwiches and wraps this week plus a few easy meals. My kids always love Breakfast Quinoa for lunch too!


My snacks have been a little on the naughty side lately. 🙂

  • Gluten-Free Apple Coffee Cake (Recipe coming soon)
  • Gluten-Free Brownies (another new recipe)
  • Grapes
  • Veggies and hummus
  • Apples, GF Pretzels and Sun Butter


Most of my dinners for the week are already cooked and waiting for me. 🙂

I’ll be making some desserts for the side walk fair also!

Since Thursday’s Healthy Cravings is all about beans I’m sure a few of these meals will be side lined for more bean-centric meals. I didn’t plan for them because I didn’t want to cook beans early in the week then have to cook them again. There may be a Chipotle run or too also. What can I say, it is convenient and delicious.

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  1. I’m looking forward to that apple coffee cake recipe!

  2. Thanks for all your writing on this blog.

    Where do you buy your bulk oats from? Do you have any good sources for ordering grains in bulk?

    • Hi Daniel, Occasionally I’ll hear of local co-ops that offer bulk grain purchases but I usually stick to Amazon (I have Prime with free shipping) and Bob’s Red Mill Brand. Since my son has so many allergies/intolerance’s I’m willing to pay more for the peace of mind of Certified GF Oats. Also, buying the larger quantities gives me a better deal.
      I remember Sarah at mentioning a great source for bulk oats and that she buys 20 to 25 lbs at a time.

      For some things like quinoa, our local Costco has the cheapest price by far.

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