Meal Plan Monday: The Post Road Trip Detox

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mpm 10-28

We just returned from a week-long, 3300 mile road trip and boy do I feel bleh. Even making the best choices (most of the time) I feel pretty gross. Now that we are back I’m determined to detox all of the sugar, caffeine, chocolate, and grease I ingested during the trip. Tomorrow I’ll let you in on part of my plan for this detox but today I’ll just fill you in on my Plant-Based Meal Plan. My approach with this Meal Plan has two parts, first is to include as many fruit and veggies as possible and second is use up a lot of stuff from my freezer. I have a lot of odds and ends in the freezer and they take up a lot of room. I’d really like to empty it out as much as possible.

Plant-Based Meal Plan


Lately I’ve been struggling to eat breakfast in the morning. I always encourage oatmeal but this week I’ll eat other options too.


I plan to eat a lot of soup this week because I eat more veggies in a bowl of soup that I would ever eat on their own. To make your soup stretch a little further try pouring it on top of a baked potato.


We have eaten so many unhealthy snacks lately they I really want to so better this week.

  • Smoothies for my hubby and boys, I’m not a smoothie unless it is chocolate peanut butter smoothie
  • Apples and Sunbutter
  • Raw Veggies and Hummus
  • Soups
  • Baked Goods in my freezer


I always strive to prepare a filling dinner, beans is the not-so-secret ingredient that keeps us feeling comfortable full all evening.

Last week I shared The Cheapest Plant-Based Meal Plan Ever! I hope you took a look at the FREE Printable Shopping List that accompanied it. I was sad to see apple prices shoot up this week at my local grocery store, that would wreak havoc on keeping the Meal Plan under $55. I’d just switch to pears which were about 77¢ per pound. Do you need a “recovery” period after vacations to get back on track?

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