Meal Plan Monday: The Week Before Christmas

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Meal Plan

Christmas is quickly approaching and like you I still have a lot to do. Realistically, I always have a lot do. I plan to cook large portions this week, but only a few meals so I can focus on other things. Thankfully, many of our favorite recipes are great as leftovers. I’m also trying some new recipes and new combinations of recipes we make often. This week’s Meal Plan will focus on simplicity.

Meal Plan





I haven’t been planning our snacks but my kids usually have apples and I’ve been having way too much dark chocolate. We also have hummus and veggies too. Since it’s cold I sometimes have coffee, chai, or hot apple cider. I’ve also recently made my incredible Gluten-Free Brownies and a new GF Apple dessert recipe.

I also need to offer congratulations to Stacey P. who won the Vegan Cheesecake Kit from Follow Your Heart!

I will take a break from blogging next week so I can spend more time with my family. If you aren’t ready for the holiday’s yet check out my Gift Guides. You can read about helping others through World Vision, Handy Kitchen Gear, Luxury Kitchen Items, Personal Gifts & Books, my Snack Guide or how to throw a Plant-Based Party.

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