Meal Plan Monday: Change of (Meal) Plans

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I was about to get the kids dressed this morning so we could take my husband to the airport for a business trip when we got a phone call explaining that the trip was cancelled due to a winter storm. I was thrilled, my husband would be home all week, but my lazy plans of sandwiches and noodles would have to change. We need a real Meal Plan.

I also have Healthy Cravings this week. Healthy Cravings is a monthly class/support group for people in the Phoenix area who want to make healthier food choices. This month’s class is about adapting recipes!

My Meal Plan is directly impacted by my schedule. What and How I cook depends on how much time and energy I’ll be able to put into meals.

Meal Plan Monday


Plant-Based Meal Plan


Cereal was on sale this week so my kids will be happy to have cereal most days. I don’t eat cereal very often and prefer a hot breakfast.

  • Baked Sweet Potatoes with cinnamon
  • Crock Pot Breakfast Hash (a new recipe I need to share but haven’t because it doesn’t photograph well)
  • Fruit
  • leftover pancakes
  • leftover breakfast scramble


My kids usually have something easy like sandwiches, toast, baked potatoes or leftovers. I usually add raw veggies to my kids lunch; carrots and broccoli are very common.


This week we have company over one night, Healthy Cravings another night, new recipes to try and appointments almost every afternoon. Can you relate?

I like to have a dessert at Healthy Cravings so I will probably do some baking as well. My son has been “mentioning” that he likes Banana Bread a lot lately. I may finally take the hint and make it for him.

What does your Meal Plan look like this week? 

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  1. Oops! Hehheh…good thing you have backup ideas 😉

  2. I’ve had to do some meal juggling this week as well, thanks to 10 inches of snow. Your meal plan sounds yummy and that Healthy Cravings class sounds cool.


  3. 70s! Sigh. Greetings from balmy western NY…we’re going to have a heat wave next week; I’m told it will get into the 40s. 😉 I miraculously DID have a meal plan this week; we had chili and pork tenderloin. I always make enough for leftovers!

  4. the meal plan sounds so good. i will be trying a number of these recipes. thank you!

    red or green?
    Dropping by from SITS girls today.

  5. I love your meal plans! So many good ideas:) Thanks for sharing.

  6. You have some great plant based and gluten free meal plans! Trying to incorporate more veggies into our diet. Will stop by your blog for ideas! Can’t make the Expo, Left Phoenix a few years ago for Boise, but may be returning soon. Would love to meet you if I end up back in my home state!

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