Basic Pantry Staples for a Plant-Based Diet

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When starting a new journey it’s helpful to have a map. I often liken a Plant-Based Diet to a journey because for most of us it is a completely new adventure. I know I was unprepared for all of the changes. I’ve vowed to make it easier for those who come after me.

I wish I could take each of you to the grocery store and point out the best products. Since I can’t do that I think the next best thing is to share this list of Basic Pantry Staples. I almost always have these on hand. Our list has changed over the years do to allergies and intolerance’s but I believe it will give you a good idea of where to get started.

Basic Pantry Staples for a Plant-Based Diet

Basic Pantry Staples


  • black/white pepper
  • chili powder
  • cinnamon
  • cumin
  • garlic powder
  • onion powder
  • sea salt
  • turmeric


  • agave nectar
  • applesauce
  • baking soda & baking powder
  • brown rice
  • canned beans
  • (whole grain) cereal
  • chocolate chips (Enjoy Life Brand is my favorite)
  • cocoa
  • coffee
  • dried beans (pinto, black, chickpea’s, lentils, etc.)
  • dried fruit (raisins, cranberries, etc.)
  • flour (whole wheat and gluten-free)
  • grains
  • (shelf stable) non-dairy milks
  • nutritional yeast
  • nuts/seeds
  • old-fashioned oats
  • pasta
  • pasta sauce
  • quinoa
  • raw sugar
  • red wine vinegar
  • tomato sauce
  • tortillas
  • tortilla chips
  • turbinado sugar
  • vanilla 

This list is based the items we have kept in our pantry over the last few years. Your list may look different depending on your preferences and restrictions. I can make most of my recipes with these ingredients. I did not buy them all at once and I don’t use them all the time but these are my essentials.

Tomorrow I’ll share my list for Basic Staples for the Refrigerator and Freezer.

Does your list of Basic Pantry Staples differ?

To find out more helpful information about getting started on a Plant-Based Diet check out my ebook, The Plant-Based Diet Starter Guide: How to Cook, Shop and Eat Well.

Plant-Based Diet Ebook

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  1. Kathleen says:

    This is great! I think it is very helpful. I have your ebook and it is a good basic description of how to get started on a plant based diet. My grandkids come this weekend and they are not at all interested in plant based or vegan issues…ah well….a challenge to be sure:) But I will be preparing some plant based dinners and just not calling them that….

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