A Plant-Based Meal Plan using Basic Pantry Staples

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Last week I shared my list of Basic Pantry Staples, as well as Refrigerated Staples, for Plant-Based living. This week I wanted to share an easy Meal Plan that could be made using those staples. Truthfully, most of my Meal Plans can be made with basic pantry staples but this plan will be extra easy.

Meal Plan Monday


We usually opt of easy breakfasts most days but even the longer cooking items on this list can be made ahead and reheated in the mornings.


I love having leftovers for lunch. Some days I use leftovers to create a whole new meal. Having basics like potatoes, beans and chopped veggies can bring lunch together quickly.


I’m willing to spend more time on dinner but that doesn’t mean I want to spend an hour in the kitchen. Most of these choices can come together quickly, especially if you batch cook beans and grains on the weekend.

This is definitely more food than we would eat in a week. I offer this menu as a guide, pick and choose what you would like to try. I prefer to cook larger portions less often.  Some weeks I eat Baked Potatoes everyday with different toppings. Last week for example, I ate baked potatoes with Steamed Broccoli, Pico de Gallo, Black beans and Pico, Barbecue sauce, well you get the idea.

What does your Meal Plan look like this week? Did you get the Basic Staples for a Plant-Based Diet yet?

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  1. What else do you serve with Sweet Potatoes for breakfast? My family would want butter/cinnamon/sugar.. I love your “Meal Plan Mondays” and am going to start posting them on my blog too! Thanks!

    • Hi Sarah, my husband eats them plain, my boys will eat them plain or with a little cinnamon. My 5 year old sometimes asks for maple syrup on his. I usually decline but if you are making the switch from a sweet breakfast to a whole food breakfast a little maple syrup won’t hurt. I regularly put sprinkles (chia seeds and hemp seeds) on top too. We are a nut free household but walnuts or slivered almonds would be delicious as well.
      I’ve baked cinnamon apples and diced them up on to as well.

      I hope that gives you a few ideas!

  2. Thanks! I did a “Monday Meal Plan” and linked your blog! 🙂 http://plantbasedveganjourney.blogspot.com/2014/04/monday-meal-plans-incorporating-plant.html

  3. What type of breads and cereals do you suggest? Thanks

    • Hi Deena, it varies a lot. Before my son our grew his peanut allergy we had to stick to a few cereals. Now we can get anything but stick to plain cereals like Cheerios, corn flakes and that kind of thing (usually generic). We used to spend much more on organic, allergy friendly cereals but that isn’t in our budget now.
      We don’t buy a lot of breads and I’ve been making our own using the Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day book. When we need to buy sliced bread we look for whole grains but stick to our budget and just find the healthiest bread we can afford.

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