7 Quick and Easy Mexican Food Ideas

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Today is Cinco de Mayo. For most of you that is just an excuse to eat Mexican food, you know that I don’t need an excuse to eat Mexican food. It’s pretty much on the menu daily at our casa. It takes a lot of thought to branch out into anything else for me.

Today I’m going to forgo the normal Meal Plan and share 7 Quick and Easy Mexican Food Ideas! This is for those of you who haven’t planned and have NO TIME! Go ahead and admit it, embrace it even.

Each of these ideas can be ready in less than 30 minutes, some much less. If you are exhausted, frustrated or feel like running away from home then these recipes are for you.

7 Quick and Easy Mexican Food Ideas

7 Quick and Easy Mexican Food Ideas

Let’s begin the countdown with the recipes taking the longest time to the recipes taking the least amount of time. Remember they are all quick, taking less than 30 minutes. 

7. Lentil Tacos

Of course, Lentil Tacos makes the list. It’s also the most “difficult” and “longest” recipe on the list. If you’ve made these tacos you know how simple and delicious they are. I actually prefer the Lentil-Quinoa Tacos more but they would take 2 pans instead of one so I left them off the list.

6. Portobello and Veggie Fajitas

Skip the long marinating time. These Portobello and Veggie Fajitas are super quick! Spend a couple of minutes chopping veggies, a couple marinating the portobello’s, and lastly about 10 minutes cooking. Easy peasy!

5. Taco Salad

Sure, Taco Salad can get complicated but it doesn’t have to be. Here is what I want you to do.

  • Open a bag of pre-washed lettuce/greens.
  • Open a can of beans, drain and rinse them.
  • Get a chunky salsa, preferably a fresh salsa, these are often in the deli or produce section.
  • If you like avocado get a packaged of pre-made guacamole.

Now all you have to do is mix it all together. If this is all your eating I recommend getting 1 bag of lettuce and 1 can of beans for every 2 people.

4. Nachos

These Nachos are even easier than the Taco Salad.

  • Buy a can of refried beans, make sure they are vegetarian. Or, buy a can of pinto beans. If you buy pinto beans just follow my directions for Unfried Beans. They will be much healthier than the canned refried beans, just as tasty, but they will take a couple more minutes.
  • Open a bag of chips.

That is all I really need for nachos. I like having salsa and guacamole too but it isn’t a deal breaker.

3. Bean and Grain Bowl

I usually make Bean and Grain Bowls with leftovers but that doesn’t mean you can throw one together with few packaged ingredients. Have you seen those little packages of rice that you can microwave and they are ready to eat in 90 seconds. I like to keep those on hand for emergencies and last-minute meals. Combine one of those bowls with a can of beans and any toppings you like. Bam, you can have a meal ready in about 5 minutes or less.

2. Tostadas

We LOVE tostadas. I have a feeling they will be a regular part of our Summer Meal Plan. I’ve described how to make a crispy tostada but you can also buy them. You guessed it, buy some refried beans and spread them on the tostada then sprinkle a little lettuce on top. Ta-da!

1. Bean Burrito

We eat beans daily and most of the time I soak dry beans then cook them. Some days I’m not that prepared, on those days I open a can of beans and put them in a tortilla. You can add other stuff but you don’t have to.

There you go! That is my list of the 7 Quickest and Easiest Mexican Food Ideas!

If you are concerned that these aren’t “healthy” because I encourage you to use canned beans I’ll just say these will still be waaaayyyy healthier than anything you are likely to find eating at a restaurant.

Need More Ideas…

You should really just follow my Mexican Food Pinterest Board! I’m always adding great Vegan Mexican Food ideas to Pinterest. Share your favorite Mexican food recipes (or pins) in the comments, I’d love to add them to my board! Let us know if they are exceptionally quick and easy too!

What is your favorite Mexican Food recipe?


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