Meal Plan Monday: Stocked and Ready to Go

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Prepping foods on the weekend help me feel like I have a great start on the week. Yesterday I cooked brown rice and soaked white beans, I’ll cook the beans today. We also did our regular grocery shop, our bi-weekly Costco trip and I took my husband to Whole Foods for the first (and second time). The first one didn’t have what I needed so we drove a little farther to the next one.

I feel like we spent a lot of money this weekend because we were out a lot but we have a kitchen FULL of healthy foods and we took our kids out to eat a couple of times.

Meal Plan

Plant-Based Meal Plan


I’m working on some new breakfast ideas this week. Additionally, we have apricots, strawberries, blueberries and grapes to add to our meals. We always have apples but are enjoying the new variety that summer brings.

  • Fruity Grain Bowl
  • Smoothies
  • GF Pancakes
  • Cereal
  • Muffins, maybe Blueberry


Lunches will be quick this week, using mostly leftovers with sandwiches to fill in the gaps.


My husband has already made his request and the rest is up to me, and our crazy schedule.


I don’t mention snacks on the Meal Plan every week but we eat a lot of snacks. Usually fruit, my 3 year old eats at least 5 apples everyday, he is obsessed. We eat other fruit also, along with veggies. Most of the time when I need a snack I’ll grab a baked potato or a little leftovers. I feel like my kids are grazing ALL DAY.

I’ve also been making some dips that are amazing. I’ll share those soon! I have high hopes to do some baking this week. If I do I’ll be sure to show it off on Instagram.

I’m going to try some new recipes from Sweet Debbie’s Organic Treats after my next trip to the store. It uses a few flours I don’t normally have and I couldn’t remember what they were while at the store this weekend. The recipes are nut free, vegan and gluten-free so I’m excited to try them. If you’ve made any recipes from this cookbook let me know which one I should make first.

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  1. That looks like a great meal plan for the week 🙂 I find that planning my meals really helps to to keep healthy and on budget too.

    • I’ve noticed the same thing Dannii! We had started to have too much food waste at the end of the week so I’m trying to do a better job planning now. By eliminating waste I save money too.

  2. Meal prepping like a boss!! Everything looks GREAT!

  3. With moving, job hunting, interviews and vacation I’m missing the meal prep! Mine has consisted of making baked potatoes lately – that’s IT! Thanks for the kick in the butt! X

    • I feel like in just getting back into the swing of doing it well. I’ve been “baking” potatoes in my crock pot. It’s so hot here I’m looking for ways to keep it cool.

      I just read your FB update, I’m excited to see what you’ve been writing.

  4. I see that several of your recipes have agave nectar in them. I have read a lot about agave nectar actually being more highly processed than white sugar and being very high in fructose (more fructose than HFCS). Just wondering if you have any thoughts on that?

    • Hi Chris, I’m not one to take extreme positions on anything. 🙂 We don’t use agave nectar often. I don’t think it is a health food that should be consumed in large quantities or even every day. I use pretty small quantities when I do use it. Most of the resources I’ve seen are not from sources I trust. Often I’ll use maple syrup or date paste in place of agave but I still think my recipes using agave are better than most of what you can buy in the stores, especially the salad dressings.
      I am hoping to move away from it though and to more natural and healthful sweeteners.

      • Thanks for sharing your thoughts on that. Seems to be a fair approach. I use maple syrup or honey in most of my stuff, but lately am trying to avoid sugars as much as possible because it seems once I have a little of it, I just want a whole lot more!

        • Chris I have the same problem. Once I indulge in sweets I don’t want to stop. We avoid honey but love maple syrup. Occasionally I don’t want the maple flavor. Normally sliced apples with nut/seed butter will satisfy my sweet tooth.

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