Meal Plan Monday: Family Favorites and Leftovers

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Are you struggling to consistently eat a healthy, plant-based diet? If so a meal plan is exactly what you need. Even if you aren’t struggling a meal plan can help save you time and money.

I share a Meal Plan almost every week. Hopefully it will provide you with a little inspiration. Once you find a few family favorites it becomes much easier.

This week in the My Plant-Based Family Facebook Group several of us were discussing this White Bean Green Chili Dip. I’ve decided I must make it (and you probably should too). Here is a tip, you can make this dip instead of the sauce for the White Enchiladas. So Good!

We also have a lot of soup leftover. I hosted Healthy Cravings last week and several people were sick and had to cancel at the last-minute so I bought and cooked way too much food. We have leftover Taco Soup and Broccoli Potato Soup so this week I won’t have to cook too many meals.

Plant-Based Allergy-Friendly Meal Plan

Plant-Based Meal Plan


I’m planning to use my Crock Pot for a few breakfast meals this week.

  • Crock Pot Baked Sweet Potatoes
  • Crock Pot Breakfast Hash
  • Crock Pot Multi-Grain Breakfast with diced apples
  • Cereal


I will rely heavily on leftovers for lunch while my kids and husband primarily pack their lunches.


This plan may change as our week goes on but each of these recipes are favorites so I don’t think I’ll have too much push back.

Are you ready for the week? If not grab another cup of coffee and do your best!


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  1. Hey there, would love to hear your crackpot vegan breakfast hash recipe, there are literally NO other versions that I have found via Google. Thanks in advance!

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