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Since transitioning to a plant-based diet in 2011 I’ve read a lot of books on healthy living. I can see almost 20 books from where I sit and there are more scattered throughout the house and on loan to friends.  The Empty Medicine Cabinet: The Pharmacist’s Guide to the Hidden Danger of Drugs and the Healing Powers of Food by Dustin Rudolph, PharmD is the one book you need to read and buy for your loved ones.

The Empty Medicine Cabinet

Why This Book?

There are a lot of reasons this book stands out from the crowd.

  • It was written by a pharmacist who understands the “disease climate” we face today
  • It’s full of inspiring stories from people who have reversed disease
  • It provides solutions to help you make lasting changes

The Pill Trap

To often we feel stuck in our situation. If you have heart disease, type 2 diabetes, or a host of other illnesses you get stuck in what Dustin Rudolph calls “The Pill Trap. ” He writes,

As a patient, you’re only an asset to Big Healthcare if you linger between perfectly healthy and dead. Having a chronic disease requires continuous medical care involving costly follow-up visits, medications, and many different procedures over time. This is great news for the  pharmaceutical industry, medical supply companies, and healthcare organizations because you’re now a customer for life.

This book grabs you by the shoulders and gently shakes that nonsense out of you. You do not have to be a slave to your illness. Many diseases can be reversed or stopped by making changes to your lifestyle.

Stories of Hope

There are many uplifting stories in this book from people who have made incredible strides in their health through diet change. My favorite story is Bev’s. She was able to drastically turn around her health problems which included coronary artery disease, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, kidney disease and many other issues by adopting a whole food, plant-based diet (in her 70s). If she can do it, you can do it.


Part 2 of The Empty Medicine Cabinet provides real world ways to make healthy changes including information about what you need to eat, what you should avoid and a guide to help you make those decisions for yourself. Part 3 is full of delicious, healthy recipes including a few from your’s truly.

If a friend asked me for a book recommendation for someone interested in a plant-based diet I would wholeheartedly say The Empty Medicine Cabinet is a must read.

The Empty Medicine Cabinet Front3DI’m partnering with Dustin to make sure one lucky reader gets a copy of The Empty Medicine Cabinet: The Pharmacist’s Guide to the Hidden Danger of Drugs and the Healing Powers of Food.

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You can read more from Dustin at his website Pursue A Healthy You!

I was given a free copy of this book as a gift. I provided a few recipes for this book but I am not being compensated for this review. All opinions are my own. You can read another review I wrote on Amazon. This page contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase using a link I may make a small percentage of the sale. 

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  1. If I won, I would keep this book for myself. I’m in my 40’s and have become so much more aware of the kinds of foods that I eat. I want to learn everything I can about the healing powers of food.

  2. Don White says:

    If I won, I would study this book and when I was done, I would give it to someone else or buy another copy for them!

  3. martha lawson says:

    Pick me. Pick me. I would read it myself and then leave it sitting around my house and hope my parents would find it interesting and choose to read it.

  4. Kimberly Bass says:

    I am definitely reading first and then totally paying it forward!

  5. Dixie Parriman says:

    If I won this I would so read it first and then share with family and friends.

  6. I would love to read this book- sounds very inspiring with all the testimonies!

  7. This would be a great book for our family. My husband and I just found out two days ago we are expecting our first baby. I have a strong desire to maintain a healthy family early on so down the road we don’t have to worry about constantly visiting the doctor or being put on medication.

  8. I’d love a copy of this book for my growing plant based reference library. Dustin rocks!

  9. Would love a copy of this book! Total plant based nerd reader!

  10. I’d love to read this book and share with about a thousand people! Thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

  11. Wish I had money to buy copy for everyone on my Christmas list and all public libraries!

  12. gwilkerson51 says:

    If I win I will pass it on to another winner! I have read this amazing book on my kindle already. I did not disagree with even one word in it.

  13. I will decide who gets the book after I finish reading it.

  14. If I win, I will read it first and then loan it out to friends. I have been plant based for a few years now and am now free from taking blood pressure medication! 🙂

  15. I am interested in reading the book. Started my plant-based journey this summer and am hoping to overcome some health issues as Bev did.

  16. Pat Armstrong says:

    My husband and I started on our plant-based journey on May 1st and my cholesterol dropped from 227 to 145 within three weeks. We love it.

  17. I will read this book to help myself and then share it with friends and family members!

  18. I would love to read this book to help myself and family members, the info looks very interesting.

  19. I would read the book and then share it with a friend – OR – keep the book and buy copies for friends as Christmas gifts!

  20. This book would be perfect to have around. I would keep a copy but I would also purchase a copy to give to someone else who needed it. I am currently working to reverse an auto-immune disease that I have through diet change. It’s a slow process but it’s working.

  21. This sounds like a very interesting book.

  22. Would love to read this book – it sounds great 🙂 Add it to my ever-growing collection!

  23. Lola Hoffman says:

    I am excited to read this book.

  24. Kat Platt says:

    I would share the knowledge learned in this book with as many people as possible!

  25. If I won, I would read and apply the knowledge to my own lifestyle and then donate the book to the local library so that others might profit from it.

  26. Looks like a very interesting book. I hope to read it and share it with my friends.

  27. I’d read it and then try to get my husband to!

  28. I think this is a must read book 🙂

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