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It is not yet Thanksgiving and many of us have found ourselves overindulging in Holiday flavors and treating ourselves to a little extra holiday cheer in the form of too much sugar, salt and fat.

Even those of us who have been living a plant-based lifestyle for years can easily find ourselves in a downward spiral of unhealthy eating this time of year. I’m not in favor of “planning to fail” and telling yourselves you’ll correct your poor habits later. However, I am a big fan of planning ahead.

Plan ahead for January

January 1st will launch My Plant-Based Family’s 31 Day Plant-Based eCourse and Challenge.

You maybe thinking, “Didn’t you just have a challenge?” Why yes, yes I did! It was great! I was testing the waters and finding out what worked and what didn’t. I’ve added a lot of value and created an eCourse to accompany the Challenge.

31 Day Plant-Based eCourse and Challenge

Who’s it for?

The 31 Day Plant-Based eCourse and Challenge is perfect for:

  • anyone who is new to a plant-based diet
  • someone who has been eating a plant-based diet but may struggle through the holidays
  • those curious if a plant-based diet can reverse or eliminate illness and/or disease

If you’ve been wanting to adopt a plant-based diet to lose weight, eliminate the need for medication, clear up your skin, fix digestive issues, decrease recovery time, reduce inflammation, or any number of other issues now is the perfect time to learn how to do it.

The eCourse and Challenge start January 1st but sign up beings on Friday, yes, Black Friday. You can bet there will be a very special coupon code but it’s only good for the first 20 people who sign up! You may want to set a reminder so you can be one of the first!

The 31 Day Plant-Based eCourse and Challenge

The eCourse will teach you what you need to know to successfully live a plant-based lifestyle.

The eCourse Includes:

Daily Lessons/Tips

The Plant-Based Diet Starter Guide: How to Cook, Shop and Eat Well ebook (PDF download)

Weekly Meal Plans

Exclusive Recipes

Private Facebook Group

Much More!

If that wasn’t enough we will incorporate a “challenge” with a chance to win prizes! If you have a competitive streak the challenge will help you stay on task and focus on meeting your goals.

If you’ve always wanted to try a plant-based diet but didn’t know how this course is for you! Make a small investment in your health now that will pay off for years to come!

Why YOU Need this Course

Whether you have tried to eat healthy before or are starting for the first time there is a HUGE learning curve. There is so much to know that it becomes overwhelming. I’m going to take the guess-work out of the transition and tell you exactly what to do. Don’t worry you will not feel restricted at all. In fact, you will feel like a burden has been lifted off of you and you follow easy steps to transition toward a plant-based diet.

The Deal

The course will cost $30 but the first 20 people to sign up ob Black Friday will get it for just $5! That is a steal!

A Call for Sponsors

If you are a blogger, brand or business owner and would be interested in sponsoring a portion of the challenge visit the Sponsor Page.

Sponsors receive special recognition in the eCourse, on My Plant-Based Family and on social media.

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