Simple Veggie Soup in the Instant Pot

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I want to start by telling you that this soup can be made on the stove or in the Crock Pot as well. For those of you with an Instant Pot you can cook this soup much more quickly.

This Simple Veggie Soup (in the Instant Pot) is so easy and delicious. You can add different ingredients if you prefer but this is made with basic veggie staples that we always have on hand. You know me, I like to keep it simple.

simple veggie soup

There are a few variations on this recipe. To make this soup heartier you can add Great Northern beans. It will cook more quickly if you soak the beans ahead of time. The soup is delicious with or without beans.

I added all of the ingredients to the Instant Pot in the morning and set the timer to come on 4 hours later so it would be ready in the afternoon. This will allow the beans to soak for a while if you are using them

Simple Veggie Soup in the Instant Pot


  • 1/2 an onion, diced
  • 2 cups broccoli, chopped
  • 1 large carrots, sliced (this equaled 1 cup of carrots for me)
  • 5 red potatoes, quartered (I didn’t peel them)
  • 3 liters of water (12 cups)
  • 1 cup dry Great Northern beans (optional)
  • bullion or dry broth mix (read the label to figure out the appropriate amount)


  1. Put all of the ingredients into the Instant Pot and close the lid.
  2. Press the SOUP button, then if using the timer press the TIMER button.
  3. Use the + or buttons to select the appropriate number of hours you’d like the Instant Pot to delay cooking. (The time will be the delayed time before the Instant Pot starts.) Remember that it takes time for the Instant Pot to heat up and cool down, especially when cooking soup so you need to take that time into consideration.
  4. Once the Soup is done the Instant Pot will keep it warm until you press CANCEL. Allow the steam to release naturally or use the quick release.


We eat this soup as is with maybe a sprinkle of salt. It’s perfect if you’ve been fighting a cold or are just in the mood for warm veggies.


If you are cooking it immediately you do not need to select the TIMER button.

If you are using dry beans they need to be soaked OR you may need to increase the cooking time, check the cooking time chart to be sure.

If you are making this in the Crock Pot just cook it all day or for about 6 hours.

If you are using beans and cooking this on the stove it will take about 90 minutes to cook soaked beans, if the beans haven’t been soaked it will take longer. I recommend you cook the beans first then add them to the soup.

The soup will take about 30 minutes without beans or with previously cooked beans.

Do you ever just make a simple soup? What are your “must” have ingredients? 

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  1. I have veggie soup in the refrigerator right now. It contains the things I had in the refrigerator. A few mushrooms, some shredded cabbage, broccoli, potatoes, basil and since my husband doesn’t like veggie soup, I added some marinara sauce in hopes he would like the increased flavor. He didn’t but I loved it! It is the perfect antidote for holiday indulgence!

  2. The recipe does not say how long to cook the soup in the instapot……I’m new to the instapot and will try to look up something similar.

    • Hi Julia,
      When you press the SOUP button it automatically sets a time for 30 minutes (I believe). Depending on the type of beans you use you may want to increase the cooking time to 40 minutes.
      I’ve got more Instant Pot recipes planned!

  3. I’d like to make soup just for me using only a quart of broth. Is that enough for the IP? And would that change the cooking time?
    I have to have cabbage, carrots, leeks and celery in my soup, and then I add whatever else I happen to have.

  4. I made beef vegetable soup by combining my leftover gravy and broth from my sirloin roast, plus some water (but not so much that I would lose the flavor in the broth), cut up two small potatoes, one onion, one stalk of celery, one pint of my own canned tomatoes, and a small bag of frozen mixed vegetables into the IP. Added my seasionings such as salt, pepper, garlic powder and parsley. Set my top, Hit manual on the IP (medium light came on), then I set my timer for 10 minutes. When time was up I used quick release and removed the top. We let the soup cool a bit and it was ready to go…and delicious. But, as you may know, it is always better the second day. Never made soup faster!

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