Choose Your Own Adventure Meal Plan

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When I was in elementary school in the 80s the Choose Your Own Adventure books were all the rage. If you are unfamiliar with these books I’ll explain. You would read to a certain point then it would say something like “If you want to fight the snow monster turn to page 75, if you want to disappear into the secret passage turn to page 87.”

I loved those books.

Today’s meal plan will be kind of like that. I’ll recommend a type of food and you can find your own recipe but I’ll offer some suggestions.

Plant Based Meal Plan

Choose Your Own Dinner

Veggie Pizza

Check out this Best Vegan Pizza Roundup by Meghan at Rootiful. For a quick solution try my One-Pot Pizza Pasta.

A Quinoa Recipe

Choose from Tacos, Salads, Wraps, Stir-Frys or even Breakfast!

Soup and Salad

I’ve got a great Salad Pinterest Board featuring some of my favorite bloggers. Pair one of those with one of my delicious soups.

Mexican Food

Choose one of my recipes or my Mexican Food Pinterest Board.

Kids Choice

If you have kids let them choose dinner. It may be the biggest adventure of all. If you don’t have kids enjoy a night out.

Now come back here and let me know what you choose for dinner! 

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  1. Ha! Love the Choose Your Adventure theme on this one. (Choose your own Ad-VEG-ture maybe? heh.) Thanks for including our pizza roundup and of course sharing your one-pot pizza pasta recipe on it! 🙂

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