June 8, 2015 Plant-Based Meal Plan

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Since I’m posting this weeks meal plan a little later than normal I can already tell you what I ate today. Wanna hear it?

Breakfast Rice with diced apples for breakfast, sliced carrots, cucumbers and bell peppers wit hummus for snack, leftover Veggie Pad Thai for lunch, a nectarine for snack, apple slices for my drive home snack and so far chips and guacamole for dinner. Don’t worry, that’s not my real dinner but I had a large portion. Other than the guacamole this is fairly typical. I usually have a large salad in there some where but we were out of greens until Jim when to the store today.

I’ve been really focusing on my food lately. It’s easy to let unhealthy habits find their way into your day. For me, this happens when I’m really busy (who isn’t) or stressed. I’ll use food to meet some need but it doesn’t really do the trick. More often than not we end up making bad choices. Personally I strive to eat healthy most of the time but I allow some room for treats. I made my gluten-free Brownies this weekend!

Let’s talk meals.

A summer meal plan for plant-based vegan diet

Plant-Based Meal Plan



We’ve take a little bit of a break from oatmeal and eaten more Breakfast Rice. Instead of cooking it as instructed we will cook a large batch of plain brown rice and add stuff like cinnamon and apples or strawberries and bananas to it later.

I’m ready to bring back Breakfast Quinoa or the Summer Berry Quinoa to help my strawberry cravings.


Lunches are usually leftovers or big salads for me. The boys get lots of salads too. Jim makes their lunches. He provides them greens, carrots an assortment of fruit then asks them to pick two of the following: beans, rice or potatoes.

Any leftovers are fair game.


White Bean Enchiladas

Enchilada Soup on a rainy day

Black Bean Mango Salad

Light and Lemony Quinoa Wraps

Rice and Bean Bowl

What are you having this week? Any My Plant-Based Family Recipes? If you are addicted to taking photos of your food be sure to tag me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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