Meal Plan Monday: June 29, 2015

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Plant-Based Meal Plan with Quick and Easy Meals

Last week I shared a Meal Plan filled with meals that I cooked all in one afternoon using a Once a Week Cooking strategy. You can see the step-by-step run down and adapt it to your needs.

This week I’m going with something simpler and choosing meals than can be made quickly. We will have our basics like black beans and brown rice already cooked. The less time I have to spend cooking the more time I can spend on the fun stuff like swimming and having dance parties with my kids.

Some people wonder if we really get our kids to eat this way. Yes! Our kids eat very healthy. My husband is home with the boys regularly posts what they are eating on my Instagram. They get treats and unhealthy food occasionally but it isn’t everyday. We have come a long way. When we first adopted a plant-based diet my youngest was just starting to¬†eat solid foods and my other son way addicted to fast food. It was a slow, purposeful change to healthy living but it is possible, it just takes time.

Plant-Based Meal Plan


Summer Berry Quinoa, we have strawberries, blueberries and blackberries

Breakfast Rice, I’ve been eating with strawberries, hemp seeds and milk.

Blueberry Oatmeal

Blueberry Muffins


Veggie Sandwich

Veggie Burritos with beans, rice, lettuce, tomatoes, salsa and guacamole

Taco Salad

Leftover Soup and Salad


Enchilada Soup I’m addicted to this right now so it will probably be on the meal plan every week for a while. I’ve been cooking it on the weekend for easy week day meals.

Veggie Pad Thai

Veggie Fajitas with Black Beans and Mexican Rice

One-Pot Pizza Pasta

Having a Meal Plan helps me to not stress about what we are having for dinner. It also gives me a chance to prep food for other days when I have time.

Have you made your meal plan for the week yet? Let’s get started. Don’t do anything else until you jot down (or leave in the comments) 3 meals you plan to make this week. Three meals isn’t a huge commitment but it will get you started.

Don’t forget to check out last weeks Once a Week Cooking post for more time saving ideas.

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