August 3, 2015 Back to School Meal Plan

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Back to School It’s Back to School Week in our house, at least for our first grader. Our preschooler has one week left until school starts. Our teenage son will be coming to visit us for two-weeks, but don’t tell our little guys, it’s a surprise.

With so much going on this week meal planning becomes even more important. Our son that is visiting is a 6 foot tall athlete who prefers processed food. It will definitely be a challenge to keep him full.

We will also start packing lunches this week, which reminds me. I have a new giveaway coming on Wednesday for a set of EasyLunchBoxes! Stay tuned for more details, or better yet, subscribe (in the right sidebar or below for mobile users) so you don’t miss any posts.

I usually only plan 4-5 items for meals per week. I like to make extra so we have leftovers to eat and it frees us up for last-minute changes. If I plan 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches and 7 dinners we will buy too much food and not eat it all. We always have leftover beans, rice and potatoes as well as salad fixings to add to our meals.

Back to School Meal Plan

Plant-Based meal plan

 Plant-Based Breakfasts

I keep gluten-free waffles in the freezer as a back up for crazy mornings.

Plant-Based Lunches

Plant-Based Dinner

We often use our dinner leftovers for lunches. When time is short I can usually throw together a delicious Bean and Grain Bowl or a Chipotle-style salad with our regular refrigerator staples.


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