EasyLunchboxes Giveaway

I am so excited about the giveaway today! Last year about this time I purchased the EasyLunchbox system for my boys to use. After a year I can tell you, I couldn’t be happier with the purchase.

Easy Lunchboxes giveaway

The EasyLunchBox containers are durable, easy to use and clean, and affordable.

Take a look at my favorite features:

  • Dishwasher safe top AND bottom rack
  • Microwave safe
  • Easy for my kids to open (my youngest was 3 last year)
  • Divided containers
  • Fits into an amazing lunch bag (more info below)

Lunch Box Ideas

My only regret about last year’s lunch box buy is at first I chose a different insulated bag foolishly thinking it would be better than the EasyLunchbox bag. During the first week of school the inside seem of the other (non-EasyLunchbox bag) ripped on the bottom seams. In addition to that it did not retain it’s shape. I quickly ordered an EasyLunchBox bag (affiliate link).

insulated lunch bags

Later this month I’ll share more lunch box tips but don’t miss out on all of the great tips from last year. Read about my favorite Lunch Box Essentials and these 5 Tips to Simplify Your Lunch Box Routine that has a free printable! Also, follow me on Instagram because I post pictures regularly of our lunches!

EasyLunchboxes Giveaway

This week you have a chance to win your very own EasyLunchbox system!

This giveaway is open to US residents only. One winner will be chosen and will win one set of EasyLunchboxes container and one lunch bag.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You don’t have to wait until the giveaway is over to get an EasyLunchBox system. Purchase them from the EasyLunchboxes website or get free shipping on Amazon for the containers, lunch bag and mini dippers.

This page contains affiliate links. 

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  1. I hope it’s ok if I plan on using this myself if I win it 🙂

  2. I’d like to win a set for my spouse.

  3. Would love to try easy lunch boxes! I have heard such great things about them.

  4. We have some and these boxes are amazing!!! Our family has grown and we need more. Also, I never got the bag which would be awesome!

  5. Hi Holly! I love that these don’t contain BPA, PVC, phthalates, lead or vinyl! I also like that the you can get a set of 4 containers so you don’t have to wash nightly and that they fit perfectly into the lunch bag! My oldest is going to Kindergarten this year; oh, my!

  6. Holly, those dippers are cool. Of course….I just bought Walker stuff yesterday for back to school 😉

  7. Those look great! Thanks fit for the giveaway

  8. Grace Bae says:

    This would be sooo helpful in college!! 🙂

  9. Debbie Hoover says:

    These would be perfect for my 2 grandkids’ school lunches. Thank you for letting us know about them.

  10. Love the idea of the individual containers to keep everything separate.

  11. Love these. I am trying to lose weight for diabetes and blood pressure reasons. These will help me keep to the correct portions. TYI

  12. I like that they are free of chemicals (bpa etc.)

  13. awesome!

  14. I’d love to win … they would be great for portion control. Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. This would be perfect for preschool lunches. Right now I use a container for the sandwich, a container for the grapes, a plastic baggie for the muffin, etc..

    • These are so much easier that multiple containers. When I sent it to my son’s preschool last year he had no problem with lunch. These are a must have!

  16. These look great – for packing lunch for both kids and adults. Love that they’re safe in dishwasher and microwave.

  17. We have a set already and love them! Now with 5 if us packing lunches every day, we could use a few more!

    • Kristen, I bought 1 set last year before school started and two more after I went to work full time. I can pack them for my kids and me and get several days pre-packed when needed. I love these. I’ve shared some photos on instagram of us using them for “movie night” snacks for the boys. Very versatile.

  18. I like that they are dishwasher and microwave safe.

  19. The compartments sound like a dream come true! You mean I don’t need to pack lunch full of plastic baggies that end up with squished sammies and half a dozen plastic containers exploding out of the lunch bag…that is of course, assuming they make it home 🙂

    • These compartments make them easier to pack. My kids know the medium compartment is for fruit or sometimes veggies. There is no fighting to get them to take healthy things. No buying plastic bags.

      My kids never lost a container, even the minis. He forgot his lunch box several times the first month of kindergarten but that is to be expected.

  20. Deanna S. says:

    I love the ability to prepack lunches with portion control!

  21. I like that they’re both dishwasher and microwave safe!

  22. Cheryl S says:

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  23. Katie Moustakas says:

    These are great!! Would love to win some for my fellas!!

  24. Amanda Hunter says:

    I like how the lunchboxes seem to hold their shape better than others.

  25. They look easy to clean!

  26. Love the colors and that it’s easy for kids to open .

    • Some lunchboxes are way too hard for kids to open themselves. These are perfect. I had my kids practice “taking their lunch” a few times before school started to they knew what to do with all of their stuff and how to open containers carefully.

  27. Thanks for the giveaway!

  28. I love that these are safe for dishwasher, freezer, & microwave.

  29. melanie taylor says:

    I just love they way they look so cute and easy to clean.

  30. Love Love Love !!!

  31. These would come in handy considering I haven’t ordered a lunchbox for my little one yet.

  32. They really are economical. We homeschool but I think this would be great to let my younger ones pack a few days. Then we they are hungry that can be their meal or snack.

  33. I love it! Those are really nice. As I’m adjusting my portions, I keep thinking about these container and how convenient they would be!

  34. Cindy Park says:

    I just got a new job after being given a sahm for a few years. These would be perfect for lunches at work!

  35. These would be great for my kindergartener’s lunch! these containers would make lunch so much easier and fun for her!

  36. Rebecca Dula says:

    I love that you take off one lid and have access to your entire lunch. I have a daughter with special needs and it makes it so much easier to eat lunch independently.

  37. Would love these for my daughter!

  38. MeganAdams05 says:

    I love that it’s 1 lid! I also like the color options!

  39. Megan Short says:

    I love that they are dishwasher safe! With 4 lunches a day it gets a little crazy washing and making again for the next day.

  40. Love these!!!! Would make lunch packing so easy!

  41. I love that they’re easy to open for little hands.

  42. I would love to win this with 2 kids going to school this year.

  43. Lyndee walker says:

    I would love to win! I hate using a million different baggies and containers for one lunch.

  44. I’ve got four containers but no box. My kids just got lunchboxes, so guess who this will be for?? My favorite feature is the portioning for healthy eating.

  45. Perfect for my kids school lunches!!

  46. Mandy Cantrell says:

    Would love to try these! Previously used the Ziploc brand and was disappointed in how easily they cracked. These look like they would make lunch making so easy and would entice my child to pack his own lunch! Win. Win.

  47. Cheri S. says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! I love that these containers are big and easy to open!

  48. What a great giveaway! My 6 year old would love this.

  49. Michelle J. says:

    I love that the bag can hold the lunch flat!

  50. I’ve never used them, but I want them for the individual compartments and the fact that they’re only two pieces!

  51. Catherine says:

    I love these and only use this brand from now on!

  52. They look convenient AND sturdy!

  53. I have an ex coworker that raves about these containers. She talks about them in her blog all the time.

  54. I love these! So easy to use!

  55. Jenny lee says:

    Love thes lunch boxes!!l love that our whole family can use them!!!

  56. I love that they are safe for the microwave, freezer, and dishwasher!
    Thank You for the chance

  57. I love how easy these are to store, pack, and use! Thank you so much for offering a giveaway!!!!

  58. I like the size–perfect!

  59. Thanks for letting us know about these! Looks perfect and so glad to hear how well they hold up!

  60. looks great

  61. I would love this! I just happened to be looking at these on Amazon the other day.

  62. These look like amazing lunch box containers! I love sending my kids with a wide variety of things. I’d love to win these!

  63. Mariaelena says:

    I like that they are dishwasher safe!

  64. Lydia Claire says:

    They are safe, healthy and green!

  65. Angela S. says:

    I would love a set.

  66. I would be over the moon to win this!

  67. wendy ward says:

    I love their size, perfect for my 8 year old.

  68. I think I want these. I’ve been missing my Ziploc ones along and with for kids, they’ve taken a beating. These look awesome.

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