October 5, 2015 Meal Plan…Fall is Here

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I have Facebook friends all over the U.S. It’s funny how the arrival of fall means different things to all of us. I mentioned a few days ago that “it was under 100 degrees and I’m ready for soup.” My blogging friend Jacqueline insists that it isn’t fall weather. When you live in Arizona you have to adapt.

I’m happy to report that it has cooled down even more and the temps will be in the 80s and 90s this week. I know all my mid-west friends think this is hot but I assure you it isn’t.

I already did a little cooking this weekend but it wasn’t for us. There is an elderly couple at our church. I actually used to cook for them on a weekly basis. They are sick and aren’t able to cook right now so I took them several meals. They will be enjoying Enchilada Soup and Lentil Shepherd’s Pie. I have leftovers for both that will have this week for lunches.

I’m also thinking ahead to Thanksgiving. If you need ideas be sure to check out my Holiday Meal Plan and Cook Book. It’s plant-based and gluten-free collection of Thanksgiving recipes.

Meal Plan Monday Plant-Based, Vegan and mostly gluten-free meal plans

Meal Plan


We’ve been changing things up in the breakfast department. Normally the kids eat while I make lunches. I’ve been making an effort to sit and eat with them. It seems weird sometimes because our mornings are so busy but I feel like it helps all of us start the day better.

  • Bagels (store-bought)
  • Cereal
  • Frozen Waffles
  • Oatmeal topped with fresh fruit
  • Toast with fresh fruit (which has been a bowl full of cantaloupes and strawberries)


I’m starting the week with leftover Mexican Casserole, Baked Potatoes, Mexican Rice, Black Beans, Lentil Shepherd’s Pie and Enchilada Soup. I’ll rely on these for lunch and pack lunches with typical lunch box stuff for my boys.


I’d like to use my Crock Pot and Instant Pot a lot this week. I’ve been really busy at work so I don’t want to have to be busy with labor intensive meals after work.

What does your week look like? Do you cook every day or every couple of days. If you prefer to use leftovers these soups and casseroles are a great option.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your weekly meal ideas. I like the simplicity. I try to cook only on Sunday afternoon for the whole week. Sometimes I’ll make quick & easy meals during the week, such as baked taquitos, but I really try to have stuff made that I can just reheat.

  2. Yum! This sounds perfect! I do as much cooking on the weekend as i have time for. Sometimes this just means I make rice, potatoes ansd maybe a few almond butter & jelly sandwiches in advance for the week. With the kids in sports now we’ve been having daiya cheese sandwiches more often than usual 🙂

    Ps – We’re back up to 70 degrees so I broke out the flip flops again 🙂

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