Choosing to Eat Healthy (when problems arise) Meal Plan

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Last week our refrigerator went out on Monday morning. We had to throw almost everything away.

I had a few ice chests that I used to save our Silk and So Delicious coffee creamers, plant-based milks, leftovers Enchilada Soup and a few other things. I wasn’t able to stick to our meal plan but I did make healthy choices.

We’ve done our shopping and are starting over with a clean slate. If you  haven’t cleaned out your fridge and freezer in a while make a plan to do it soon!

Choosing to Eat Healthy

I have a group of people going through the Plant-Based Basics eCourse. I shared with them that when problems arise or I get stressed I turn to junk food. Last week I was very intentional about choosing healthy foods, even though it would have been easier to eat unhealthy foods.

Even though I didn’t stick to my plan last week do to our refrigerator situation I made the decision to eat healthy every day. If you are new to a plant-based diet, in the beginning you will need to make that choice every day. Eventually, it becomes a habit.

Plant-Based Meal Plan

Plant Based Meal Plan


I’m on an oatmeal kick and have been having it almost every day. I’ve been making a big batch on the weekend to use for a few days then another batch for the end of the week. We also have cereal, toast and sometimes bagels to choose from.


  • Leftover Soup and Baked Potato
  • Sandwiches
  • Baked Potatoes made in the Instant Pot
  • Leftover Bean and Rice Burritos

The boys take a packed lunch to school everyday.


We still have one more day to plan, on Wednesday we are hosting a pot luck. I have no idea what I’ll make for that but at least our fridge is working. Let me know your suggestions!

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