Plant-Based Meal Plan

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Are you snowed in? Last year I wrote a Snowed In Meal Plan for all of you who need a plant-based meal plan but may not have access to a lot of fresh groceries. Take a look!

The weather is beautiful in Arizona. Unfortunately, my little guy (who just turned 5) is sick. We spent about 15 minutes outside anyway just to get some fresh air and sunshine.

I love seeing all of the photos of friends having fun in the snow. While I’m happy to avoid the snow the photos have me longing for soup!

Plant-Based Meal Plan

A Plant-Based Meal Plan that is perfect for winter weather


Last week I posted the Ultimate Oatmeal Guide! You guessed it, this week we will have oatmeal at least a few times.


I usually use leftovers for lunch with a few extras.


This week I’m planning lots of soups.

I’m slowly updating these recipes so they are easier to print. If you come across one that you want me to update just leave a comment and I’ll try to get to it quickly.

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What are you eating this week? If you are snowed in and need some ideas leave a list of what you have to work with in the comments and I’ll help come up with ideas. 

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