Valentine’s Week Plant-Based Meal Plan

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Our Plant-Based Meal Plan this week will have a slight nod to Valentine’s Day. I’ll also have a new recipe (more like an allergy-friendly treat hack) later this week.

The great thing about living a plant-based lifestyle is that it’s already heart healthy. If that is not Valentine’s worthy I don’t know what is.

Plant-Based Meal Plan

Plant-based meal plan


Our breakfasts have been oatmeal or cereal lately with an occasionally smoothie or Smoothie Bowl. This morning my first grader made breakfast for his little brother. He came up stairs and told us he made him cereal with a strawberry. He quickly said, “don’t worry, I didn’t use a dangerous knife, I used a butter knife.” When we investigated there was a whole strawberry with just the top cut off in his cereal bowl. My boys are a riot!


Other than the packed lunch the boys get, my husband and I rely on leftovers like soups or veggie burritos.



I’ve got several treats in mind for Valentine’s week! Plus and new one this week!

Yes, chocolate might be the way to my heart.

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