Spring Break Week

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It’s spring break this week which means my kids are going to be eating at home more than usual.

If you follow me on Instagram you saw our Costco haul. We did our regular grocery shopping too. This week we have fresh pineapple, cantaloupe, honeydew melon and strawberries to be excited about.

I bought store-bought hummus as a time saver.  I’m hoping this will make snacks easier. I’ll cut up some raw veggies for easy snacks.

Most of the time I’m focused on how to save time and cook less but I’m trying to rethink things. I want to spend more time cooking. Why? Because when I’m focused on eating healthy it usually requires that I spend a little more time in the kitchen.

My husband is on board and is taking on some of the cooking. He already made a huge batch of Minestrone Soup we will enjoy this week.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not going to spend hours in the kitchen every day. I work full-time and do freelance in the nights and weekends. I’ll still use my Instant Pot for quick meals but my focus will be on nutritious food, not quick food.

Plant-Based Meal Plan

Plant-Based Meal Plan Monday




I’m not planning too far out because I don’t know what the end of the week will bring. It is spring break after all.

Have you had spring break yet?

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