April 4, 2016 Meal Plan

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Meal Planning is a lot easier when you realize you don’t have to plan 21 different meals. I like to have 4-5 different options for breakfast, lunch and dinner but often I’ll skip a meal and have leftovers. I plan at least four different recipes for each meal¬†for your benefit so you see more options.

I’m happy having the same thing for breakfast and lunch day in and day out. As long as it’s good.

Meal Plan Monday: A plant-based, gluten-free meal plan vegans and omnivores alike will love. This smart meal plan keeps ingredients simple and tries to use them in multiple recipes.

Strategic Planning

When you are planning plant-based meals you have to take the shelf life of your produce into account. For example I usually plan meals with mushrooms for the beginning of the week because they may not be as good after 5 days. Potatoes on the other hand will still be fine at the end of the week.

Meal Plan

Whether you plan 21 different meals for the week or 10, a meal plan can still help you keep from over spending and avoid food waste. I like to plan recipes that use similar ingredients each week. This week I’m using quinoa for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s just as easy to cook a large pan as it is a small one. I’ll also have broccoli in multiple dishes this week




What is on your meal plan this week? Make sure you try the Creamy Brown Gravy soon! It’s newly posted but it’s been a long time family favorite.

You can also use Pinterest to help you plan your meals! Follow my recipe board for ideas!

Plant-Based Diet Starter Guide

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  1. I could eat a bowl of oatmeal (with bananas or blueberries or strawberries) every day and never get tired of it. I grew up eating oatmeal for breakfast all the time – love it!! Now we also have smoothies every day! So many different fruits to add (as well as veggies like spinach and carrots). I enjoy my vegan lifestyle immensely: it’s healthy and makes me so happy!!

    Bon appetite!

    <3 carmen

    • I know exactly what you mean Carmen! I love oatmeal but I’ll do smoothies some days for a quick and easy breakfast, especially when I’m on the go.

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