May 2, 2016 Weekly Meal Plan

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People don’t eat healthy by accident. It takes effort. A Weekly Meal Plan is an important first step to healthy eating.

Occasionally I get emails and comments asking if these meal plans are for a day or a week or what. I’ve created meal plans for so long that I sometimes forget to include all the details. Most weeks, I create a weekly meal plan. Since we eat leftovers and don’t mind repeats I only plan 4-5 meals for breakfast, 4-5 for lunch, and 4-5 for dinner.

I don’t normally assign meals by day but for understanding sake, I decided to give it a try. I’m going to change up the format too. Instead of listing separate breakfast, lunch and dinner I’ll post all meals by┬áday. I hope that will clear up any confusion.

Weekly Meal Plan for Plant-Based Diet

Weekly Meal Plan






My hope is that you will see a healthy, plant-based meal plan and think, “I can do that.” Eating healthy isn’t about denying yourself. Lucie at WIN-WIN Foods has created a Healthy Vegan Baking eCourse. I got to see a pre-release of it and I’m so excited about it.

win baking 10 insta

If you are looking to bake healthy treats that look and taste indulgent you want to sign up for the Healthy Vegan Baking eCourse. Hurry, enrollment ends May 8th.

What do you think of the new meal plan format? Love it or hate?

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