May 9, 2016 Weekly Meal Plan

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As the weather warms up I move away from comfort foods and include more veggies in my weekly meal plan. Don’t get me wrong, I still love one pot meals and hearty dinners but my veggie intake always increases in the summer.

I add more veggies in two main ways, stir frys and veggies with hummus.

My favorite stir fry right now is this Pineapple Chickpea Quinoa Stir Fry. It hits the spot and tastes even better than I expect every time. After our weekend shopping trip I plan to make Cilantro Jalapeno Hummus soon.

My Plant-Based Family meal plan that is perfect for starting a plant-based diet.

If you remember last week I changed up the format of the meal plans a bit to help make them easier to follow.

Weekly Meal Plan






I’ve got a busy two weeks with conferences on back to back weekends. The first is local (in Phoenix) and the second is in Salt Lake City, Utah. I’m really excited for both. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll catch a glimpse of my travels.

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Plant-Based Diet Starter Guide

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