August 8, 2016 Meal Plan

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My kids don’t know it yet but we have company coming this week. Our Meal Plan will be a little loosey-goosey since I don’t know what all we will have planned. The kids are in school and we are working so most of our “together” time will be in the evenings.

If you are new here, you came at a great time!

I tend to jump into back to school mode early for two reasons; first, I’m a planner and second, my kids have already started school. Over the next month (or two) you can expect to see lunch box ideas, easy breakfast ideas, busy morning productivity hacks, recipes and more! Back to school season is kind of like my Christmas. I love Christmas but I get way more into the back to school planning compared to Christmas planning.

This week we don’t have a lot planned. With family visiting I want to keep my options open. I have a few things in mind but I don’t want to spend a lot of time cooking.

Meal Plan Monday with a plant-based meal plan! Almost gluten-free too.

Weekly Meal Plan


Breakfast Rice

Packed Lunches for the kids

Dinner out with company


Instant Pot Oatmeal

Packed lunches and leftovers from the weekend

Grilling Night (see some of my favorites)


Smoothies with Blueberry Muffins made with a GF mix

Bean and Grain Bowls (New Recipe for the Instant Pot coming up soon)

Minestrone Soup


Toast with SoyNut Butter and fresh fruit

Leftover soup

Veggie Pad Thai


Peachy Keen Oatmeal

Bean and Grain Bowls

Dinner Out


The kids get a packed lunch every day even though it isn’t always mentioned here. My husband packs his food too! I usually work from home so I’ll just eat leftovers most of the time. When I go into the office I usually pack snacks and grab lunch out.

In addition to the school lunch box ideas, I’m also going to offer plenty of “grown up” lunch box ideas too! Just stay tuned!

What do you pack in your lunch?

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