Our Fall Family Vacation

I’ve got a brand new fall meal plan for you with shopping lists! The problem is I just got back from a 10 day trip and forgot to get part of it ready for you! Sorry!

Instead I’ll tell you about my trip and give you one more chance to get my OLD Fall Meal Plan before the new one is released this week.

The Meal Plans are a freebie for everyone on my email list. Get my OLD Fall Meal Plan now before it is gone! You’ll also get my NEW Fall Meal Plan that comes with shopping lists as soon as it is ready!

So, where was I for 10 days?

fall break trip

Our Road Trip

My kids get a week off of school for fall break. When I was a stay at home mom this wasn’t a big deal. It meant play dates with friends and staying in our jammies all day. Now that I work full time, it can present a problem.

Instead of using all my vacation time to sit home last week we went on a road trip and drove over 3,000 miles. We had a great time seeing family. The boys met new cousins they never knew they had. They also got to climb trees, play catch for hours, eat, stay in hotels and with family, eat some more, get a surprise visit from their sister, play with dogs and visit the farm. It was a great week!

I almost completely unplugged while on vacation too. I did a little Facebook scrolling here and there and took care of some of my freelance commitments but it didn’t interfere with family time. I read books, sang along to the radio and ate my weight in snacks.

Family, Food and Fun

I have several favorite parts of our trip. Visit with family was the high point. Living far away from family can be hard, I don’t get back to visit as often as I’d like. Whether it was sitting at my mom’s table, my Memaw’s back porch, my dad’s recliner, or all the eating, talking and laughing, being with my family was my favorite.

Another favorite part was seeing my boys play in a whole new way. My kids play outside in our back yard in Arizona but it’s all concrete and rocks. Playing in grassy Oklahoma and Texas was a new experience. They even learned to close the gate, a very important task when there are animals that will get out.

Food was another clear favorite. We took in many of our old favorites and some new finds. I ate anything and everything my Memaw made. At one of our favorite Mexican food restaurants I asked my husband how we could ever leave this place. Who knew Mexican food would be different in Arizona.

We were gone for 10 days but are happy to be home. I really missed my bed and I know the work is piling up for me when I log in.

Now that I’m back I’ll be sharing that new meal plan, a delicious soup recipe and some of my favorite allergy-friendly Halloween treats soon!

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  1. I clicked on the link to get your old Fall Meal Plan, filled in the information and it told me since I already belong to your email list, that I couldn’t sign up again. I only wanted to get the old Fall Meal Plan 🙁 Is there another way I can get it?

    • Hi Wendy, thank you for being a subscriber! Send me an email at My Plant Based Family (at) gmail (dot) com (be sure to remove the spaces) and I’ll send you a copy.
      I’ll also send it out in the new newsletter.

  2. Christine Johannes says:

    I was wondering the same thing. I am a more recent subscriber and would like the old Fall Meal Plan.

  3. I’m from California but have lived in Texas most of my life now. Mexican food is so different. When I first moved to Texas I was so confused ! None of my favorites were the same lol My friends and family love eating my food tho because it is a mic between the mexican food I grew up with and what I found here in Texas.

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