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Recently a reader asked if I had a list of products I always get from Amazon. I regularly mention and link to Amazon products but I haven’t updated an official list in a long time. I decided that now was a great time to make that list!

Plant-Based Diet Favorites at Amazon

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I have an Amazon Prime account so I get free two-day shipping on most of the things I buy. Don’t worry, you can Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial right now!

Just yesterday we got a giant box of toilet paper delivered to our door. I feel like it’s usually easier to buy stuff on Amazon than go to the store, but that is probably my introvert heart talking.

I try not to buy too many processed foods so that really limits what I buy. Plus, we have a Costco membership so most of our bulk shopping is done there. It’s hard to beat Costco for organics but sometimes I can’t find the products I want there.

Amazon Favorites


I buy several kinds of oatmeal from Amazon. I usually get Bob’s Red Mill brand because I’ve never had a complaint. We buy steel cut oats, rolled oats and quick oats. I use different oats for different recipes.

Brown Rice Noodles

You know that my Veggie Pad Thai is a staple on my meal plans. I can have it ready in about 20 minutes. The key is having these quick cooking brown rice noodles in my pantry. I used to get them on Subscribe and Save, that means they were shipped every 6 weeks. You can choose how often subscribe and save items are shipped to you but every 6 weeks worked well for us.

Dried Chickpeas

This one is a newer find. I discovered Palouse brand non-GMO chickpeas last fall and loved them. I don’t always choose organic, depending on my budget but these were worth it. They taste noticeably better than any dried chickpea (or canned) that I had had before.

Peanut Butter Alternatives

When my son had peanut allergies (I know that sounds weird but he had a peanut allergy until he was 5 years old), we always bought our peanut butter alternatives on Amazon. SunButter is great for nut and soy allergies. If you use it a lot, go for the big one and get two 5 pound tubs. If you can’t tolerate sunflower seeds, give WOW Butter a try. You can get it in bulk too!

Other Amazon Products

We also buy small kitchen appliances (like my Instant Pot) and electronics at Amazon.

If you have products that you buy regularly, check to see if you can get an Amazon Dash button. It’s easy to Shop with Amazon Dash Buttons! You get a button that can be pressed for an instant order. This is good for things like toilet paper, trash bags, laundry soap or other products you order regularly. I like that the button can be placed in the same room as the product so I don’t forget to order it.

If you’ve been wondering if an Amazon Prime account is right for you Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial! It’s a win-win!

What are your favorite things to order from Amazon! I know I’m forgetting something! 

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  1. Jody Elliston says:

    Can you do a post about what you like to purchase at Costco too? 🙂

    • Sure, Jody! It’s mostly produce but I love other things like organic brown rice, rice milk, spices, etc. I’ll start thinking of a list and do a post for ya!

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