Prime Day Deals

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Amazon Prime Day, next to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it’s the time to checkout all the deals on Amazon. When I have a planned purchase, I try to watch for deals. Since we are moving soon I don’t have a lot of things I need, we are in “get rid of everything” mode.

If you’ve been wanting an Instant Pot, Air Fryer or new kitchen gadget, keep an eye on Amazon over the next two days. I’ll also be updating my Amazon Prime Day Deals Page as new deals are published.

I’m an Amazon affiliate so I make a small commission when you purchase products using my link. This doesn’t cost you anything.

The first thing you need to do to take advantage of Amazon Prime Day is sign up for the membership. If you aren’t sure if you really need it, Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial!

The Mealthy CrispLid is something you are sure to hear about! It’s like an air fryer lid you can attach to your pressure cooker!

You know I love my Instant Pot! This is the 9 in 1 Instant Pot! It’s an incredible deal! I’ve never seen this model for such a good price!

This high tech version comes with an Echo Dot!

I love my Blendtec blender! It’s never let me down! If you’ve been wanting a high powered blender then check out this deal.

I don’t have this brand Air Fryer but it looks really close to the one I have, plus its a great deal!

We bought this lunch box last year and love it! You put the whole thing in the freezer and it keeps your lunch cold for hours!

This is the lunch box I want to get this year. I’m holding out to see if I can find a better deal but my son really wants this one because it can keep soups nice and hot.

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  1. Dena Lowenberg-Williams says:

    Thank you for the suggestions
    Your air fryer link takes you to the blendtec item, if didn’t realize that yet.

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