Plant-Based Meal Plan

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Can you believe there is only one month left of this year? Soon, your evenings will be full of holiday parties and events. You’ll probably find yourself eating out more than you should. It’s a good idea to create a plant-based meal plan so that you plan to stay on track!

Plant-Based Meal Plan

This time of year, many of us tend to over indulge in treats. I’ve been pulling one of my kid-friendly strategies to make sure all of us eat more veggies. As much as 30 minutes before dinner, I’ll chop up some veggies and set out a dip. You’d be surprised how many people come to the kitchen once they smell food. When they see veggies and dip on the counter they don’t even think about having a little snack, they dig in!

Veggies and Hummus

The key is having veggies they like. We tend to have carrots, broccoli, and cucumbers as our main three. Depending on what else we have, we may add celery, tomatoes, mushrooms and more! You can see all of my favorite dips and dressings and choose one your family will love.

Plant-Based Meal Plan

We knew we wanted to have easy breakfasts and lunches ready so we made both over the weekend! We made a big batch of Instant Pot Breakfast Rice! It’s so nice to have on cool mornings and a great change from our typical oatmeal. 

Since we are having rice for breakfast we decided not to make the One Pot Broccoli and Rice this week. Instead we made a big pot of Hearty Veggie Soup! We love this soup! I’ve heard from some many of you who love it too!

Plant-Based Breakfast

As mentioned we have Instant Pot Breakfast Rice ready to go. This time I added some pumpkin pie spice for a little different twist. 

I have some bananas that are almost perfect for being made into Banana Bread! I plan to make them into muffins instead of a loaf for easy on the go breakfasts and snacks.

Plant-Based Lunch

In addition to the Hearty Veggie Soup, we will enjoy other leftovers from dinner. We will probably have plenty of leftover beans and goulash this week that will make for delicious lunches!

Plant-Based Dinner

Monday: Chickpea Noodle Soup is a quick and easy soup if you use canned chickpeas. Pick your favorite type of pasta, long spaghetti noodles or short macaroni noodles all work well.

Tuesday: Bean Burritos are something the whole family enjoys. Thankfully making Instant Pot Refried Beans is easy-peasy! Plus, we love leftover beans for Plant-Based Nachos or Tostadas.

Wednesday: Plant-Based Goulash is perfect this time of year. I’ll probably make it in my Instant Pot but I have a stove top version too. This hearty meal makes great leftovers too.

Thursday: Broccoli and Mushroom Stir Fry is great with rice but I may sub some Asian noodles instead! 

Friday: Baked Potatoes and steamed veggies topped with Brown Gravy is 100% comfort food. I cook my potatoes in the Instant Pot so it’s super easy. 

What are you eating this week? Follow my Instagram Stories and I’ll show you what we are eating this week!

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